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Solitude Dec 7-15

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We are staying at Solitude, anybody else going to be there?

Its me, the wife, the SIL, and my 4yo

I am the only "skier" in the bunch so anybody in the same boat want ot hook up for turns lemme know
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I'll be in SLC around that time and plan on checking out Solitude for a day. I'd definitely be interested in meetin' up for some turns. I'll nail down a specific date for my Solitude visit as the trip gets closer.
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I'll be there from 12-1 to 12-8, 12-7 being the last day to ski that trip. If I have any energy left I'm game.
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I'll be at Solitude the 6th and 7th.
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Unfortunately, I doubt I will be skiing on the 7th.
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just bumping this:

Tenatative Schedule:

Wed 12/8: Solitude
Thurs 12/9: Solitude
Friday 12/10: The Canyons or PCMR
Saturday 12/11: Solitude/Brighton or Rest Day
Sunday 12/12: Deer Valley
Monday 12/13: Alta
Tuesday12/15: Solitude

Of course if it snows I probably won't be leaving BCC much
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OK, since I said I would follow up, here's my tentative schedule:

Fri. 12/10 - 1/2 day PCMR, DV or Canyons
Sat. 12/11 - Snowbasin or Brighton
Sun. 12/12 - Snowbird or Alta
Mon. 12/13 - Alta or Snowbird
Tue. 12/14 - Solitude

Looks like we have the potential for a few days in common. Let me know if you'd like to meet up.
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