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What are your favorite lenses?

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All this talk about boots and skis, I can't see straight... Makes me wonder what kinds of lenses everybody likes to wear, and in what conditions. Glasses and/or goggles.

Most days: Briko Stingers (with ThramaMatic lenses) red photosensitive. Made for cycling, these have great peripheral views and total coverage. Just had the temples fixed and ready to go. The spidey look is just a plus.

Snow/Wind: Briko ZAR goggles - red photosensitive - great because they've got thick plastic armor at the temples that have blocked my noggin a couple of times, everything from other peoples' skis in the lineup to hard snow on slides.

Very overcast: Optic Nerve Raptors - good yellow lens in them, but I have my eye on some Carreras or Spys with better optics.
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Bright days: oakley A-frames w/persimmon.
Flat/Dark/Storm: Oakley HI blue

the HI blue makes flat light a nonissue. It's glorious.
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Goggles, I have Spy's with the grey lense and love them.

I also have Oakley M-frames with teh yellow lenses I use for afternoon light, they are awesome. If you don't have anyting with a yellow lense, you don't know what you are missing. They are soooo good for flat light.
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Bright days: Oakley Monster Dogs/persimmon or Oakley Splice w/ Black Iridium
Cloudy days: The Monster Dogs
Snow Days: Oakley M-Frames clear or Briko Icarus Goggles w/ Red
All of the above are perscription. All have good coverage (esp. the Monster Dogs and M-Frames).
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Bright spring day's I wear Maui Jim's
Normal winter day my new Carrera with the rose color len
Sunny winter day Carrera with mirror len

I always have both goggles with me or in the back pack.
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Mmmmmm. Good thread.

I've been wearing Smith's for years, only because the lenses are removable and it's easy to switch. However, I've been using these funky orange lenses they have exclusively for a few years. The closest I can compare them too would be an amber type lens. They're phenomenal in all conditions.

Outside of that, if it's really cold or snowing I'll wear some goggles with a regular dark tint.
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Briko Icarus goggles with

Briko Thrama-matic Plus (Photochromatic) for cloudy & flat light

Briko Reflex (Mirrored) for bright & sunny days
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Goggles always.

Usually Scott with a yellow lens.

Sometimes Smith with a clear lens (night); sometimes Bouton (yeah, Bouton) with a gray (sunny) or clear (night) lens.
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Sunny or partly cloudy: Oakley Wisdom with Persimmon Lens (Blue frame)
Overcast/storm/flat light: Oakley Wisdom with High Intensity Blue Lens (Black frame)
In spring occasionally I'll break out my Oakley Half Wires (Dark Carbon frame/Gold Iridium lens).

Yes, I'm an Oakley consumer whore :P But I just love their stuff - Wisdom goggles have the best peripheral vision I've ever found in a full frame goggle.
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Spy, Amber -- work great in all conditions. I'm not one to want to futz with my lenses.
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Does anyone know where to get Adidas goggles int USA?
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Good stuff!
Too bad Briko doesn't really have an amber/high intensity blue equivalent (that I'm aware of) or I'd pick up a replacement lens and pop them into my Blast frames.

Keep it coming!

robscapes, just google adidas yodai, tons of hits
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Originally Posted by Lodro
Spy, Amber -- work great in all conditions. I'm not one to want to futz with my lenses.
same as me, the amber/persimmon Spy lens for everything. Actually, I just picked up a new pair yesterday and noticed that most of the Spy models come with either a highly mirrored, or slightly mirrored silver coatings... Had a tough time but finally managed to find a pair of the plain, non-reflective ambers... definitely prefer them over the reflective ones.

That said though, this blue tint Oakley interests me
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the cheapest smith (i think) goggles with yellow lenses on overcast and snowy days
the cheapest smith (i think) goggles with amber lenses for everything else

at $25 a pop, i can afford to lose them season after season, have a car run over them, etc

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Look at Overstock.com. for $30 you can have a nice Zeal, or Bolle Goggle. I just bought my wife Zeal Aspects and she really likes them. I mostly wera a Scott with a rose lens that is pretty good. On a really bright day I sometimes wear rx polarized sunglasses - alone or under the goggles.
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in what conditions should you hvae the different coloured lenses? like clear would be night. but the other i dont really know. i just got black fly goggles, from sportcheck, with the orangy lense in the, pretty dope i think. i wanna get iris goggles. lime green or red iris goggles.
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