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Scream Limited or Dynastar 4800

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I am 20 years old, 5'4", 135 pounds and am looking at getting new skis this year. I am a pretty advanced skier and ski in the powder, trees, moguls, and crud for most of the time.

The two skis that I am looking at are

Salomon Scream Limited with 10din salomon bindings for $750 cdn.
Dynastar 4800 with Look P10 bindings for $800 cdn.

Any comments on if you think either of these would be a good choice for me?

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I have not skied either ski but I have skied their predecessors. The Dynastar 4800 replaces the Intuitiv 74. Of the two skis it is technically the better ski. The Salomon Scream Limited has been described as the rebirth of the Salomon Supermountain. If that is true it will not have the hard snow performance of the Dynastar 4800. On the other hand it will have much better powder, tree and mogul performance. I had the Supermountains for 3 seasons and loved them in powder, crud, moguls and trees. One of my ski buddies loved them so much he has an unmounted pair stashed in reserve.
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Scream limited seems to be exactly like the Spaceframe Teneighty (dimensions and construction) without the turned up tail. I would assume its performance is similar. i.e. Not great on hardpack without a decent tuning, but light and lively. Easy to toss around.

BTW gene126, I don't think you'll get serious response in newschoolers.com. Yep, I saw you posted this question there too...
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See the other thread for Limited vs. 1080. I give my review of the Limited. I also tried the 4800, but for only one run. Differences? I would think the Limited is better off-piste and the 4800 is better on groomers. The Limited allowed me any turn shape I wanted, while I felt the 4800 wanted shorter turns.
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I also looked at a pair of used volant machetes with marker 1200 bindings for 400 cdn.
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You might want to demo the Salomon Scream Xtra Hots as they are supposed to float on the powder and also have better edge control in hardpack and trees, etc. Similar profile - a little wider under foot.
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I noticed that the 4800 is alot heavier than the scream limited. 2740g compared to only 1500g. This is a large difference and I was wondering how it effects skiing. I am only 135 lbs so would the lighter scream be a better choice or would it even make that much of a difference.

How do the stiffness of the 4800's compare to the scream limited?

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