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Name that Chubb

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Intrigued by the Legend of the Old School Chubb, I purchased some from a ski swap unmounted, still in plastic Volant Chubb 180s. Now, I am curious as to exactly what I've got and what year it's from. The clues:
Dimensions approx 110-87-100
Stainless (duh) but actually says "stainless steel' horizontally near toepoint.
Volant logo is vertical, medium blue, and done in sort of a 'puffy script' style, quite unlike the 'lost-in-space blocky sans serif' that Volant's logo has today or as it was in 2001.
Black base (not the freaky cow/optical).
Labelling sticker says "Chubb inline 180"
Blue rubbery riser
In back of riser is something that says (I think) Colorado USA, also in blue script but horizontal.
Heavy as s**t (10 pounds for the pair; original thoughts of turning these into short range touring skis are seeming more dubious every day...)
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Sounds like a 2002 to me. 112/87/104.

EDIT: I wouldn't drill if I had the least doubt. You can still get ca$h for those skis.
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You ought to score a pair of old-time Ti Chubbs - they were almost half the weight! Very expensive list price - but since it's all titanium, it's worth it. The 190cm Chubb has a tip of 115mm and the waist is 1 to 2 mm wider and so is the tail. I have a pair of 180cm Chubbs - it sure is good in Sierra Cement and mank and heavy snow. But my Line Motherships weigh half as much, and it was such a delight to hike to powder stashes.
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