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Re-mounting bindings

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Hi all,

I've got a pair of '03/'04 R:EXs that I bought at the start of last season - put about 20 days on them at Whistler/Blackcomb and have been totally satisfied with the ski. However, because I was out of money last fall, I stupidly put a pair of cheap marker bindings on them, and they're already giving me trouble.

I'm wondering what kind of effect pulling these off and putting a new pair on will have on the ski? Thinking about the Look p12's. Will a 2nd set of drill holes change the flex or longevity of the ski?
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shouldn't, the hole patterns are nowhere near each other and the atomic is bomb proof. it will only ski better with the look on it
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In my dealings, the rule of thumb has always been 3 sets of holes before you need to start questioning yourself. Definatley take those markers off and get the looks you will be happy you did. I love that set up. ENJOY!

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