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Voile Snakeskins?

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I've been pricing skins, both used and new and ran across these. Has anybody used them? They sure cost a lot less than anything else, and it may be another case of "you get what you pay for" but possibly they're onto something. Appreciate any feedback.
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Actually, you get less than you pay for. They grip poorly and glide poorly. They also perform poorly on sidehills (b/c of the straps interfering with edge grip).
On the plus side, they are easy to adjust, and durable.
But bottomline is, don't get them.
Look instead to see if telemarkski.com or mgear.com has any seconds left.
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Echo comments about the Snakeskins.

G3 skins or any skins with the Ascension glue are worth it IMO. There are good reviews of skins in coulouirmag.com - may require subscription
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I think if you post a request that you will get a lot of people with one Snake Skin to sell. Besides myself, I have two friends that had one skin blow out. You get absolutely no glide, so they feel like walking in snow shoes. The only time I really liked them is when I was doing multiple short laps on a slope, because you do not have to mess with glue. You can quickly remove the skins and just stuff them in your jacket for the downhill.
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Originally Posted by mudfoot
I think if you post a request that you will get a lot of people with one Snake Skin to sell. .

I have two to sell if anyone wants them. Have not used them for years. Will sell for the cost of shipping plus a beer.


ps. Ditto the G3 rec
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I think you're probably getting the idea by now but I'll put my two cents worth in anyways. Completely agree with the others; except I prefer Black Diamond. (But there's nothing wrong with G3 either now that they've fixed their glue. I just haven't gotten over that problem they had a few years back.)
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