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Boston Snowsports Expo

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Anyone headed to the Snowsports Expo in Boston at the Bayside this weekend. I went last year and got some pretty good discounts on lodging and lift tickets. Alot of equipment but you have to hunt for the bargains. Almost every equipment manufacuter is there showing the new lines, it was fun just to window shop.

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I'll be there Saturday. I am volunteering at the New England Ski Museum Booth. Stop by to say hi if you are there.
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I am going tomorrow too. I have a beard and I will be wearing a rust color courderoy coat and a black cap if anyone is interested in saying Hi and introducing themselves.
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I'll be there Sunday, hope there's some schwag left!
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I am not sure if I feel like spending the money to go there and get $5 and $10 off coupons for early season when it costs $20 to park and get in.

It's cool if you want to go talk to the mountain reps but I think it has been going downhill and the stuff for sale is a joke. Most times they don't even have the new trail maps yet.

The only good part is looking at the new equipment for display.
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In case you didn't know there is a coupon for $3 here is the link.

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The show was quite busy today. I was there from about 10:30 to about 6 PM. I am staying in Boston tonight and going to Fanuiel (sp) Hall Market place with my niece, who is in college in Boston, tomorrow. I am totally exhausted from standing around all day. I get more tired on days like this than other days when I am very active.

I had a great time and met a lot of people, but as far as I know, no one from this site.
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My wife and I just got back from the show. It was disappointing - parking $12, admission without coupons $10 each. Once in, it was by and large a 'travel and tourism' show, which, if you've already got your seasons passes worked out, wasn't worthwhile for the most part. There were some lift & lodging discount opportunities..... The tourism and ski area folks were friendly and working hard, however.

We were expecting more in the way of products - more demos & discussion from ski & boot manufacturers (most seemed tired & bored), more new clothing (zero in this area - no North Face, Arc'Teryx, Bonfire, Helly Hansen, Spyder, Karbon, nada, niente, zilch). The goods on sale were by and large middle of the road items left over from last year (some good deals if this equipment suited your needs).

A few of the high spots for us were a fun chat with Martin Heckelman at the Ski France booth, a chance to meet and talk with Paul Richelson (NH bootfitter), the K2 rep was very knowledgeable and excited about his line of skis, the Ski Museum folks had a nice display (neat calendars for sale), and, as I said, the area reps were great.

These 2 New Hampshirites won't be returning next year - better to spend a nice day visiting Boston.
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My wife wanted to go today because we weren't skiing or doing anything else.

It was a typical show.

There was a prize wheel at the ASC section and you could only spin it if you booked a trip. We were going to stay at Sunday River next week anyway but were putting it off because of the weather. A rep there told us to book it and she put on the reservation that we could cancel 24 hours in advance and get our deposit back.

Then I spun the wheel and got a 5 day METicket but we already have All East Gold passes so the rep gave us a $100 gift certificate instead.

Usually I think the shows are lame and a waste of money but I guess we lucked out this time.

BTW if you like Wilcat I guess they have something called the Wild Card and if you buy it before Dec 24th it is $110 to ski for 3 days with no blackouts. I guess their normal tickets are $55 on weekdays and weekends.

I also grabbed some $20 Cannon coupons to be used before Christmas and $10 off ones for Okemo. They usually have these every year.

I was really surprised that Atomic was not there but I don't think they do trade shows.

Ogasaka was there and will have demos next weekend at Sunday River.
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My wife wanted to go today because we weren't skiing or doing anything else.

That's right "blame her".

Okemo only had $10.00 off coupons? They were giving away $15.00 off when you purchased a lift ticket last spring. I didn't know they still had $10.00 off coupons.

Make sure you demo the Ogasaka's try the Unity EX. I think that is the best ski I have been on, (ever). See what Sho will give you for a price on it. I'm sure he'll be there. Was he the person to talked to at Ogasaka ?
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I spoke to two young guys but I didn't catch their names.

What kind of pricing did you get?

I flex tested the Unity EX and it felt pretty solid.
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I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the Ogasaka's knowing your an Atomic man. After my first few turns on the Unity, my son an Atomic man, stopped next to me and said "your really having a great time on that ski". I had skied from the top of the Solitude lift at Okemo to just past the first lift tower. I won't say much more until I hear your report.
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My brother and I worked at the Ride and Ski New England booths at the Boston show.
RSNE sells a lift ticket discount card for 20 New England ski areas. See my post here for more info.
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