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Boot/Ski opinions please...

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I have been snowboarding for the last 3 years and am planning on getting some decent skis so I can have the best of both worlds. I have never owned my own gear but have skied 12+ years and would consider myself a high intermediate. I have never skied on the new shorter hourglass skis. Currently, I am going to purchase my boots within the next month seeing as they are the most important aspect. I want something that is relatively stiff but not race stiff and that will allow me to go to the next step in my abilities. I have looked at a few brands but am honestly lost in the many choices available. Salomon Performa 7's was one choice that stood out to me. Good boot or should I move up the line? Also, my local store has a great deal on last years technica Rival X7 UF's which look to be similiar in performance to the performa's. Again, good boot or no? Lastly I have been recommended a few types of skis and want some opinions on them. I want to eventually be able to go on any run confidently and ever so often hit the backcountry so a 50/50 ski is necessary. The Volkl 724 AX3's or one of the many intergrated systems from Salomon (so many I dont know which to choose yet) are my top choices as of now but am open to other opinions. Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance. I am 6' 185lbs and have a 12.5-13 size foot.

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First boots, Let the boot fitter tell you which boot will fit your feet the best. The fitter male or female should have you remove your shoes and socks and examine your feet and then recommend which boot manufacture makes a boot that will best fit your feet. IMO if that doesn't happen find a different boot fitter. If your only going to ski a few times a season, any boot may be good enough. If your are serious about getting better, find a good boot fitter.

Skis, instead of buying, you should demo some first. I like the AX3, I'm a Volkl man. Atomic makes some great skis also. I have not been impressed with Salomon's other then there race skis. Talk with the shop tech's and be honest with them, tell them where your coming from and where you hope to be.

You may want to take a lesson your first time on the shaped demo skis. Start off right, let a pro teach you the correct movement patterns.

Welcome back from the dark side.
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