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PayPal Payment for ETU question

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To pay for the ETU with PayPal, should I pay 50% now, and then the service charge of 3% will be added later?

If so will I be contacted to ask for the remaining 50% with a total?

What email address should the PayPal payment go to?

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Can anyone answer this? It would be nice for Steve and other interested parties to know how to go about this.
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Hi I got a reply from onsnowproductions this morning. No mention of the 3% fee, etc. but they did say-

"The PayPal Acct we use is onsnowproductions@yahoo.com*. We will notify you of receipt of payment when we are informed of it's arrival."
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There is a 3% charge. This is about what they will have to pay to accept the money from you. I deal with Paypal all the time when I sell things on eBay and I have to pay that amount. I am currently collecting for a class reunion and that is what they charged for that too.
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Hi teach, yes I know, I use PayPal all the time. Just wasn't sure if I should pay 3% more now, or if they'd add it to the balance (which I assume is what'll happen.)

I hope there's snow

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Was there a final answer to this? 3% now or later?
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Hi Comprex, noone has said anything to me about this, but it seems to me that what will happen is that when we pay the final payment with our second 50% that we will at that point have to make up the 3% on the whole thing. On Snow Productions doesn't seem very responsive to emails. They DID however confirm receipt of my faxed form, and they said they'd confirm receipt of my PayPal payment (I paid 50% yesterday.) When I hear from them I'll post what they say.

See you in Vermont!
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pay with cash...small bills...non-sequential...address is PO Box XXX
oh well, just a joke anyway.
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Originally Posted by Ryel
pay with cash...small bills...non-sequential...address is PO Box XXX
oh well, just a joke anyway.
That would be great. Put it in a small paper bag.

Seriously though, I do not know the answer to this. I've asked Bob or Ric to come in and 'splain it.
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Sorry about the delay in answering this question...

Sorry, everybody.

This question slipped past me over the past few days.

Here are a couple of the particulars...

The PayPal account is <onsnowproductions@yahoo.com>

You may either add the 3% per payment, or as a lump sum with the balance payment.

So far, there have only been 3 paypal payments, the rest having been checks. As each registration form is received, I have been sending out confirmations, provided the email addresses have been accurate. There have been a few which have kicked back, but we have resolved most of them.

If you do have any specific questions which are not being answered here in the forum, then please write us at <onsnowproductions@yahoo.com>.

I assure you, you will get a response!

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