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Salomon 04-05 Teneighty Ski w/ S912 Ti 1080 Bindings - $700

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These are the brand new 04-05 model of 1080s. They have never been used and are in perfect condition. Size 161cm. Pictures below are from the REI site, but since they have not been used...If you want to see actual pics before purchasing, just let me know. These are too small for me. I plan to buy the exact same setup, just 171s.

I don't mean to sound like a used car salesman, but I have a great deal for you! You ask, how can $700 for anything be a good deal? Here is a break down of what I spent (before taxes).

$499 Skis
$229 Bindings
$13 Mount Bindings
$10 Wax
$851 Total

In addition, I had these professionally mounted and waxed. I have all of the paper work that shows this as well.

Here are additional details with pictures:
Salomon Teneighty Twin Tip Skis

Salomon S912 Ti 1080 Ski Bindings

It would be great if I could sell these here instead of going through eBay. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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It's a shame you can't just ski them, because my guess is you're going to own them for a good while. Let's hope I'm wrong...
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$499 + $299 + $13 + 10 = $821
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Yup, that's my bad. So that means I'll sell the skis for $670.

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price drop!

I'll give this one more price drop to see if anyone is interested. $650. If you want to try to haggle the price down, drop me a line.

Hitting the slopes this weekend. Weather calls for snow!

Have a great weekend!
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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...4581 103&rd=1 $299 for skis
Bindings go for about $160
Mount $20

Total for 5 minutes of searching: 480 for brand new stuff

Honestly, not trying to be an ass, but ski gear is cheap to anyone who has internet access.
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$299 for skis with 0 bids, no reserve met and last years model (although I know the only thing that changed over the two years is the graphic).

The particular skis I'm selling also make you better looking. Those from your link can't promise that.

As mentioned earlier. I will bargain if someone is interested.

Have a great day!
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The only real difference between 03/04 is the graphic.

I bought mine for $500 from a retail store all mounted and good to go.

I don't think people are paying a premium for a new graphic since there are a ton of old ones still in the wrapper.
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Yes, I agree. That's why I mentioned that the only real change was the graphic in my post above. I realize my original price was high so I'll offer them at $550 + shipping if anyone is interested. I'll loose on this one, but would like some money before I buy another pair.

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You're getting closer to reality now. My guess is that if you get down around $475-500, you may just sell these bad boys. Good luck!!
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Seriously your best bet is to put them on Ebay as people will pay more for something they really want.

Good luck

What do you think of the 171? How big are you?
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Thanks. I may put them on eBay. Thought I would try here first.

I'm 5'10" 155 lbs. Salomon recommends this size of ski for me, but after seeing them, I realized a like to ski a little longer. Haven't picked up the 171s yet, but I ski the model that's about 3-4 years old right now at 177 and love them. I've just beat them up a little too much.
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