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Hand-held avy control devices

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I came across a picture of a Mt. Baker patroller holding what looked to me to be a thick yellow stick of dynamite; she was in the position of someone who might be about to toss it over the top of a ridge into an avalanche zone.

Have you ever used hand-held charges to clear danger areas? Is it dynamite, or other? How much time from lit fuse to boom? I'm going to assume that anyone who has was doing so during "officially sanctioned" (for example, you work avy-clearing for a resort) activities. I'm assuming doing one's own clearing during backcountry excursions is expressly verboten, for all the obvious reasons.

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Ususally PETN with a significant delay fuse.

You need a blasters license.
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thanks! the blasters license info is a bullseye.
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Several things; At Mt. Baker they may be using gelatin dynamite or emulsion type explosives, or it could be PETN.
Washington, California and Colorado require a blasters license, other states may or may not.
Safety fuse is the timing device with burn times of 90 seconds (about 22 inches) everywhere except Colorado, they require at least a 3 foot fuse.
Oddly enough I am writing the blaster training outline for my ski area at this time, go figure.
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Interesting website regarding buying avalanche control explosives and just about everything else. Training also.


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Strange web site might be a better word, products, and prices are not very applicable for a/c work but what the heck.
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