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Alta opens tomorrow

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Maybe I'll go ski.

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I just might have to take a trip over to alta tommarrow
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Originally Posted by Utah49
I just might have to take a trip over to alta tommarrow
Post a report after taking turns. I am interested in hearing about the snow. Next week, I will be out at The Canyons. I am wondering whether I will be able to ski some wide bottoms, or whether I will be confined to rock skis! If worse comes to worse, I could always take that 45 min. drive to BCC/LCC.
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I will be sticking to the grooms. It is getting pretty baked, I would think.
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Yo Ydnar! Have fun guys- I'm behind my desk tomorrow- I'td be nice to hook up sometime soon for a pow day. It will dump soon, always does.. Mr. Crab aka Rubob
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'Bird's opener was better!
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OK, Who pissed off the Snow Gods! October was unbelievable, We are starting to see the earth in California as well as (apparently) Utah. Nothing in the 7 day forecast :

For us, Heavenly opens Friday, Sierra continues daily, Kirkwood has been weekends and still looks good.
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Pictures Please!
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