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custom foot beds

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Would like to hear some comments on custom foot beds.I'm a so called expert skier,with wide flat feet.Been using a wedge under my heel for 25 or so years with good results,but was wondering if the footbeds would be worth the price.Thanks to all that reply!
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Do it. You'll wonder why you waited so long. My feet are EEE, no arch. You can spend anywhere from $25 to $150, but unless you're really serious, the $70-90 range is usually a good quality footbed. Remmeber that the boot is the most important part of your gear pile, make it fit right.
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do a search on Foot beds or custom fit
You will find a lot of threads.
Yes they are worth it.
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Thanks for the replies.YEA!!!! Jim O'D,cant't wait for Daytona.NHIS in July!!!!!!!NASCAR RULES!!!!!!
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Is one brand of foot bed better than the others? After reading all of the posts on what a difference they make, I'm heading out this weekend to get a pair.
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There is a lot of debate over which system is better. I like Superfeet Kork and using the non-weighted method (foot bed is molded to your feet with out any weight on your foot). I believe most of the better fitters use this method however some use different footbed material. The non-weight bearing system locks your foot in a neutral position as compared to standing on the mold to get the footbed which will put your foot in a flattened out or in most cases pronated position. exactly what you are trying to avoid by putting in the footbed. Most important is you want a footbed that is solid (not molded) so there is no way you can compress or deform the footbed by just standing on it. Hope this helps you decide.
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