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Curious pain in the leg

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I've been doing some jogging to improve my cardio fitness (along with other stuff). But only once or twice a week, and currently only for about 3km (hey, its a start!).

I've developed a pain in the lower half of my lower leg, on the inside of the shin. It feels like someone wacked me with a shovel. That is, it feels like a bruise. The calf muscles seem OK, as I can work them out with weights no problem. Shin splints are generally quite a bit higher on the lower leg.

My shoes are decent quality and in good condition.

I can't find a suitable online anatomy chart to pinpoint the tendon that's likely affected, so if anyone knows a good link, I'd appreciate it.
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shinsplints. sounds to me.
in which case, resting. if you HAVE to walk a lot, oh well, it may take awhile to heal. i had 'em once, became very painful when i didn't stop the jogging.
halt the jogging or, if you have to, find a surface more forgiving than asphalt/concrete. my advice: hit the stationary bike for awhile.
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Shin splints it is! Good link. I thought shin splints were higher and more to the front. At least that's what it was back in high school when I ran cross-country (no....really!).

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Check out this shoe site. You may have decent shoes, but they might not be right for your feet.

In addition to the cross training suggestion for biking, consider rollerblading as a cardio exercise that has less impact than running and has movements that are similar to ski movements.
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Ditto therusty's advice to make sure you have the proper shoes. Also, double check the mileage on them. Not sure from your post if the shoes were new or not when you started the new routine. I run quite a bit and track mileage on my shoes. I can tell when the shoe is starting to break down when I get pain in the lower legs. A quick check of the mileage tells me they're due for replacement even though the uppers look like new.
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Stop running; save your knees for skiing.
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Six and a half weeks later, and the shins are still sore! Dang!
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