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Attitudes towards Snowboarders

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OK, just a quick test of what folks think about skiing with snow boarders. Does everybody still hate them? Do you mind them as long as they are responsible? does it piss you off to no end when they scrape off all the powder on steep runs ? Do you find it annoying when they gather around the corner of turns in the blind spot and sit in the middle of the runs?
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I don't hate them. I could care less. Then again, it is annoying when the powder is chopped to hell. It would be nice if they would aviod runs where they just cut up the snow. On the otherhand the only resort I've been to that skiers only I HATED! Deer Valley, it was full of stuck up rich folks that I just can't stand. I mean it was bad, when I was back a park city it felt soooo much better. I actually really liked having snowboarders around.
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OK in my book

I've been a downhill skier for 29 years and shredders are OK by me. They've brought another angle to the sport and provide an economic stability. without boarders, we'd probably see several more areas fold, like it or not. A skilled shredder or a skilled schusser are a beautiful site. A bad shredder or a bad schusser are equally bad. I think we have as many bad 2-boarders as we do one-boarders, it's pretty democratic.

I don't like it when shredders sit in the middle of the trail and block the way. Then again, I don't like all the skiers collect at the crest of a ridge trying to gather the courage to move down the short steep - they block the way just as much and cost me a really good jump off the crest lip.

If you're worried about all no powder on the steep, then you don't belong there.

So, I'm egaltarian here, I'll even vote for the tele-skiers (too much work for me.)
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I like the tele skiers they make me chuckle whenever I see em (agree, too much work, reminds me of lifting weights in high school).

I don't have a problem with most knuckle draggers, in fact, I think that they are safer for the most part than skiers (since the vast majority of them are smart enough to wear helmets).

The biggest two issues I have with them are:
1. dumping right off the lift to strap in -- its a pain for me and a pain for them
2. their blind spot that sometimes you get caught in.

I've even been known to offer a pole in the slow areas to they can get some momentum
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A certain amount of "hatred" of snowboarders is really aggravation with teenagers. If you took the same people and put skis on their feet, they'd be just as irritating. At least everyone I knew was pretty much just as bad when I was a teenager.

The sitting in the middle of runs, or other odd places, is an irritation, but not that major.

The technology is, I think, a bit worse than skis in terms of scraping the snow off runs. So far as I can tell, pretty near any idiot with decent balance and a week or two of practice can sideslip a snowboard down a run that an intermediate skier wouldn't dare to try. There's a positive flip-side though, in that the same guys tend to smooth the mogul fields out a bit. And it's not that huge a problem in my experience anyway.

If you're stuck on the bunny-hill with a child, rank beginner snowboarders are eaiser to avoid than similar skiers: they run right down the fall-line, as predictably as water, waving their arms and periodically keeling over.
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I'm gonna have to agree with the above. Its not a snowboarding or skiing thing, more of certain types of people (some teenagers). The whole scraping the snow off is an issue, but I've seen plenty of learning skiers snowplow all the way down a run they didn't belong on displacing their fair share of snow...

So to answer the question. I have no problem with snowboarders, only with irresponsible, oblivious people
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I posted this to get some feeling of what folks are thinking. My .02, I have no problem with anyone unless you are rude and don't follow some basic rules of common decency. Snowboarders have also forced the ski industry to change skiing dramatically, they have changed the fashion and gear. Like it or not of course. Mostly, I like.
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Finndog, You'll never make a living designing surveys.

Why don't you stop beating around the bush and tell us all your thoughts on snowboarding? It would probably save some time.
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Sometime I just like to see what pops up. I was responding as you posted. Funny thing is, I have designed questionnaires for many corporations! I read and post in bettween work, unfortunately, most times I quickly write stuff as I dont really have the time. Sorry to have interupted your busy day with my innane question.
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I see that we were typing at the same time. I think you hit the mark with this:

"I have no problem with anyone unless you are rude and don't follow some basic rules of common decency."

Doesn't matter what you slide on, if you keep this in mind, everyone benefits.

Carry on
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Sometimes its more interestinmg to see the responses after you "bait" the question. It's actually a technique used when creating questionnaires that companies use to obtain a certain response.
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rabble rouser
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I don't like the snowboarders that sit down almost immediately after getting off the lift or the ones that sit down mid trail, or the ones that have so little control they crash into you or your kids on the outrun, or the ones that just sweep the trail down to the hardpack when they are in too steep -- yet they return to the same "too steep" slope time after time. What, did ya miss a spot?!

The rest are fine.
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See...skiers really do like snowboarders if they're nice people.

I just have one request for these nice people. Please get your @ss out of the middle of the trail and quit dragging your board all over my skis in the lift lines. OK...that was two requests, sorry.
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OK, I do have a comment that may piss off ski patrolllers but what the heck, Dear Ms. and Mr. Ski patroller, can you please try your best to keep the boarders (the rude ones) out of the middle of the ski run coming off the lifts and can you try to keep them from congregating on their asses on the runs? I leave out the lift line complaint only becasue that would be too difficult, but just ask the rider to be careful
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They generally suck.
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when you riding the flats don't suddenly swoop in front of me to catch the side and you don't know anyone is behind you because you have headphones attached to your ears and you are in your own little world oblivious to everyone else i know you are the only one, alone, on the trail.
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I just wish they would crack a smile once and a while and not mind riding the lift with skiers. There is nothing less cool than a "too cool for you" attitude but that has never gotten across to most of them.
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Oh, and I like the teenage comment -- that is probably true. But I don't see too many teenage skiers acting like that -- sure they're biostorous or obnoxious, dpeending on your point of view, but not sullen. How can you be sullen on a gorgeous day doing what you like to do best? That is so sad...

One other observation -- Boarders travelling alone or with skiers are a completly different animal than boarders travelling in a pack. And they always travel in packs..
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I hate them.
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I was in the gondola at Stratton once with a bunch of boarders. One of them said to another, "You got any smoke?" (He meant the funny kind. ) All I said was, "How do you know I'm not a cop?" It got real quite for the rest of the ride and, for some strange reason, no smokes of any kind were brought out. (Aren't I nasty???)

That said, I generally like boarders. I'll even give them a hand on the flats. Heck, I've even helped teach adaptive snowboarding to kids who's feet couldn't fit skis. (That single board is a great adaptive device. And its easy to set up for people.)
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Got no problem with anyone who respects the other skiers/riders rights, but I do see one problem with snowboarders. Unfortunately, it is too easy to be a bad boarder and still get down steep slopes. I consistently see bad boarders on steep runs side slipping for extended periods until they get to a spot they can handle. In the mean time they have scraped off the snow or buffed the slope to ice. You get too many kids who think it's cool to "ride" the black diamonds, but they really do not have the ability to be there. I don't mind them on the runs if they stick to carving.
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i love watching an awesome carver doing their stuff while i am on a chair lift.
but the reckless abandon of others does the sport harm mainly to the victims of someone not being in control.
i am seeing more and more of people being plugged in to ipods etc.
does anyone else think this is a bad idea?
when you are coming to an intersection, for example. BE AWARE!!!

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Where I ski boarders are in the majority. Most of them are fine as soon as you get off of the intermediate trails. In fact skiers and boarders tend to stick to different terrain on the blacks and double blacks so I only see them in the line. Yes, young ones can be a problem, but when I was a nipper there were no snowboards and teenage skiers were a big pain in the patooie; skiing out of control and being generally obnoxious (not ME though). As far as riding together on the lift, I don't like riding with boarders and I wouldn't like riding with skiers if I was a boarder. Skis and boards hit together all the time and it's a pain to keep them away from each other.
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[quote=T-Square]I was in the gondola at Stratton once with a bunch of boarders. One of them said to another, "You got any smoke?" (He meant the funny kind.

I was at Breckenridge last season & two very young snowboarders smoked a "funny kind" all the way up the snowflake lift, which is both slow & long.
I kind of wondered; what kind of snowboarding were they capable of after a "whole funny one"?
Not only that but they never once turned to offer.
Very rude indead!
A skier would have acted like a good quarterback
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Alpine skiers are crashing into me more frequently than snowboarders. I think of all disciplines alpine skiing has the greatest number of unskilled, reckless participants.
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As said before, it's not whether one is a skiier or boarder, but how they conduct themselves on the slopes. That aside, I've found many more boarders hiding/sitting in blind spots behind drop offs waiting to get hit than skiiers.
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Ski Alta.
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A snowboarder who is carving is perhaps the prettiest thing I've seen here on Eastern hardpack. The whole angles and aesthetics thing looks better on a boarder then it does on a skier. Unfortunately, the percentage of boarders who can come close to making rhythmic clean turns (not necessarily carved, just "decent") is much, much lower then it is for skiers. I've seen way too many boarders enter bump runs and destroy them via various methods. I've seen way too many boarders sideslip their way down a trail over and over again. I've seen way too many boarders attempt to jump off every little terrain feature regardless of how crowded the trail is. I've seen way too many boarders just straight-lining a pitch. Going fast is one thing; going fast when you're obviously out-of-control and/or in a crowded environment is something else entirely.

Yes, I have seen snowplowing skiers scraping a trail down to ice, destroying bump runs, etc. What I don't see is them returning, over and over again. They just seem to "get it" that they are violating a rule of etiquette.

As others have posted, it's the complete lack of etiquette that I see from a large percentage of boarders that annoys me.
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Originally Posted by andrewschirmer
As said before, it's not whether one is a skiier or boarder, but how they conduct themselves on the slopes. That aside, I've found many more boarders hiding/sitting in blind spots behind drop offs waiting to get hit than skiiers.
That pretty much sums it up. I harbour no ill feelings towards the 'group type' of people on the mountain. I do not like anybody who hides in blind areas, jumps off of any small stupid feature, and scrapes everything down because they are over their head. I do feel that these conditions apply more to snowboarders than to skiiers, probably because we see more people of 'adventerous age' boarding then skiing.
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