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You can preview the real estate in some detail on Realtor.com.
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Another good listing site I've used (though not recently) is Windermere.com. I believe it has everything that's on the listing service, and is pretty easy to get around.

If you're so inclined, here's a nice 5 bedroom house that might be in your price range:

http://www.windermere.com/index.cfm?...ng ID=3639976

If you want to go for something the size of a typical middle-class home, here's something at a fraction of that price, with 2,550 square feet and a two-car garage!

http://www.windermere.com/index.cfm?...ng ID=5020957

(One hint: if you want to find something you can actually pay for, don't check waterfront!)
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not much to add to everyone else's posts..except that I moved here after living in the Midwest most of my life and love it. The skiing is excellent, jobs are good (depending on what you do), weather is mild and overall...the quality of life is excellent. After living in Chicago, Ohio, Phoenix, Miami, Summit County, Mexico, and now Seattle, I can attest to really liking it here. 2 of my friends have left to go back to Ohio, and both will be back here soon.

It is expensive to live here...but you get what you pay for in the end. I live on the Eastside (Bellevue) and like it quite a bit.
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I live in Puyallup (South Sound area) south and east of Tacoma, approx 1 hr to Safeco Field. I'm 1 hr from Rainier park entrance (backcountry skiing), 1 hr 15 min. from Alpental parking lot, 1 hr from Crystal, 2hr from Stevens, 2 1/2 from White, 3 from Baker, 3 from Timberline (Hood) and 4.25 hrs from Whistler. I can be in the water of the Sound in my kayak in 15 minutes as well. 45 min to SeaTac. I drive 5 miles to work, my kids are in one of the best school districts in WA. Been enjoying this location for 18 years after moving here from Boise. Ski on avg of 55 days a year.
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Wow Str8line! You drive FAST!! Your logon name must be appropriate. It takes me 3 hours to get to Whistler from Bellingham (and I don't care how fast you like to drive, you can't improve much on that due to traffic), and I know it would take me a minimum of 2 1/2 hours to get to Puyallup at 2:00 AM on a Tuesday with dry roads. The other drive times I'm familiar with also seem to be awfully short. I tend to drive the speed limit, though.

As an educator I'll second you on the schools. Puyallup's are top notch.
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I live in Enumclaw and his drive times seem pretty accurate.....give or take 15-20 min depending on traffic.
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Baker is open tomorrow!!!

Only 4 lifts but good for the start anyway.
And I live in Bothell. Nice place too. 1 hr to Alpental. 1.15 to Stevens.
2hr to Crystall, 2.5 to Baker, 4 to Whistler, 20 min - Seattle.
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I live in Seattle and I am glad to hear suburbanites steering the questioner away from the city.
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Originally Posted by pheft
Hey, I grew up in Issaquah! Lived on Lake Sammamish when it was out in the country (At least for my earliest years. It moved to the suburbs when I was in High School), and graduated from Issaquah High. A friend of mine made a "Ski Issaquah" poster when we were in HS. It featured a skier in full rain gear and a sou'wester hat skiing down the gravel pit (no snow, of course).
Pheft, if you see a fiddle and banjo player in White Salmon Lodge come up and say hi!
I went to Sammamish High, when it was 4 miles outside of Bellevue, and what seems weird to me now is all the houses at the top of the gravel pit. They should put in fiber mats and a chair lift (like you see near Edinborough, Scotland) in that gravel pit. That would be cool. And whats with this city named Sammamish where there was forest? When did that happen? I'm glad to be an hour and a 1/2 from Seattle. I was born there but wouldn't want to live there now. As bad as the growth is here, it's worse in all of Central and South Puget Sound. From the Sound to the foothills, what a mess.
Where ever your job turns out to be, north, central or south you will be close to good skiing. One of the greatest things about living around here is that you don't have to go on ski vacations. You just wake up in the morning and say to yourself, "Hell with work today", load up the car and go up for the day. Of course with a new job you might want to go night skiing after work a few days a week instead. Or you might try to get midweek days off so you can ski cheaper and without the weekend crowds.
Good luck to you.
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Boy, you are a lucky person if you can relocate to Seattle. I would say it has 3 of the 5 best coffee houses in the US (the other 2 being Stumptown in Portland and Intelligentsia in Chicago). Check out, in this order:

1) Hines Public Market
2) Zoka
3) Espresso Vivace

Many top baristi, including former and current WBC competitors, are employed at these coffeehouses. You will get to experience reddish-brown doppio's with tiger striping-2 ounces of heaven! Plus incredible, pillowy cappuccino's and latte's with art so beautiful they deserve to be framed, not drank! Check out coffeegeek.com for any questions you may have about Seattle's coffee scene. Enjoy!

I would also recommend Chiso (right off the Fremont Bridge) if you like Japanese food-it is the freshest fish and best sushi I have eaten that wasn't located in Japan.

Skiing-wise, check out Mission Ridge. It is a bit of a drive, but often sunny (on the dry side of the mountains) and the snow is great! Crowds are light too.

For a quick vacation, head up into Canada. I like the Kelowna area (Big White/Silver Star) or further east closer to Nelson is nice too! Have fun!
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If you end up north of Seattle, here's a possiblity for the hard core water skiier... Just found it while looking at a site for snow cat skiing at Stevens Pass.

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Seattle is great! I grew up in Issaquah, when it was still a small town. I spent most of my life there. I spent one season living at Snoqualmie Pass (across the street from Alpental), while working evenings in Issaquah (and then transferred to Kent) my wife worked in downtown Seattle. If you are working in the Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah area you might think about living on Snoqualmie Pass. The drive is not that bad and you get the benefits of night skiing out your back door in the winter and great hiking and mountain biking in the summer. The housing prices are fairly reasonable/competiteve with the region.
One thing to check out upon arrival is City League www.cityleague.com. Team ski racing under lights. It is a great time, I have not heard if such a program is available any where else?

If I moved back to America there is no other city/region I would consider living in.

Enjoy your time in Seattle, you'll love it!
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