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Loveland demo days?

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Speaking of early season insanity, anyone going to be at the demo days at Loveland this weekend? If so, perhaps we can hook up for a run or two. Let me know here or by PM.
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Are they only this weekend? I can't go then, I'm on call. But Iam planning to go up on Thursday (was thinking about A Basin, but can be convinced to go elsewhere)
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Yes, I'm afraid that they are. This Saturday and Sunday at Loveland. I'm sure that there are others coming, but I don't know of any non-weekend ones...

I'm planning to get there about 8:30 and ski until they stop letting the skis out both days... I probably won't be able to walk on Monday...
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Had a great day on Saturday and got to meet and ski with cgeib as a result of his timely visit to Summit County this weekend. Also, to my surprise, I wasn't sore today, and skied all the way through until they pulled the demos off the hill at 3pm both days...!

More on the Gear Review forum when I can get it all typed in...
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