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Anybody ski a TM:EX in a 168?

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Trying to figure out if it will work for my wife for A/T in a 168 length. She weighs 117 and the shortest they make the TM:EX (this year's it's called the TM:X) is 168. The dimensions are just what she wants, but we're afraid it might be a bit stiff for her weight. Unfortunately it’s not possible to demo one. Anyone got any experience with this ski in that length?
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Hi, see my thread below on Xbow vs. Mira vs. TMX. It should help...
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I'm only 125lbs (5'8") and ski the R:ex in that length. The TM:ex is supposed to be slightly softer. I expected it to be too much for me, too, but it is not- I would definitely consider it if she is a strong skier. The ski is somewhat demanding (you really need to stay centered), but much more versatile than I ever expected. A great ski...
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