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Cardio/weight training for skiing

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I realized that I have only 5 weeks til I hit the slopes for the first time this season, and only 10 weeks until my first big trip. I really want to up my fitness routine so I can improve my fitness before I hit the slopes. Does anyone have any good workout routines? I have access to a small gym in my office at lunch time, and have membership to a gym for a post work, workout -- which has more weight machines, and free weights available. (Or, if I have missed something already posted here, please let me know!(
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THIS question I can answer

Lunges, lunges, lunges. I can think of no more perfect exercise to help improve your skiing, increase comfort, and decrease quad-burning.

Don't bother with heavy weights, be sure to stay in the 15-20 rep range.

Put your rear foot on a lift, such as one of those "steps" for aerobics for extra tension on the quad you are working. One VIP item to note: on leg you are working, the knee should NOT extend beyond your foot. IN other words, pretend there is an imaginary wall extending vertically from your planted foot. As your leg decends into the lunge, the knee should reach that wall, but not break it. So in a way the term "lunge" is a misnomer because it suggests forward movement, when in fact, the movement is vertical with a slight arc for comfort.

There are other exercises that can help, of course. But if I were to pick just one, this is what I'd suggest.
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