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Mt. Bachelor conditions

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I'm scheduled to ski Bachelor starting 12-16-04. Although it's a month away, I'm getting nervous. Although they claim an 10 inch base, it's been at the same level for a week and is probably closer to 6 in. The weather forecast for the next 2 weeks is dismal for any snow. While I understand the weather can change, assuming no appeciable snow for the next 2 weeks, that only allows them 2 weeks to build a base. I'm looking for words of encouragement or to tell me that I should think about cancelling. Any local knowledge would be appreciated.
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keep your fingers crossed is all i can say.
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I'm in Seattle, but at this point I'm not expecting any skiing in WA until December. Of course Mt Baker could get 100" of snow in last week of November, but the alpine f'cast at Whistler has minimal snow this wk with another high pressure (dry) system moving in end of this week. Seems risky.
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I climbed nearly to the summit Sat. and Sun. and had super runs on beautiful spring corn. Did not hit a single rock The residual crust we have is nice and bombproof but many spot are bare and the big rocks and stumps are all sticking up. The snowmaking is a joke, just there for show. They have no idea how to use it. If they try to open anything for Thanksgiving on what they have it won't hold up

Keep the faith. The great PNW snow machine should crank up sometime and when it does it can drop five feet in a couple of days. There isn't much in the five day forecast but I will be surprised if it doesn't come by mid December. I've lived in Colorado, the Alps and the NE and this place is by far the most reliable.

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They open Tuesday Nov 23


It is snowing at the moment but a return to dry high pressure expected. PM or email me for updates.
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