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WTB skins

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Anybody wanting to part with some skins for cheap? Hoping to pay around $50.

Prefer 70mm or wider, but I might consider something narrower if the price is right.

Will also trade a pair of rosignol rebel x skis with tyrolia bindings on demo rails. Some knicks on the topsheet , but they ski fine- a good rock ski. 170cm. I think they are from 2001. Because of the shipping difference, a trade would probably only make sense for front range colorado people.
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still looking...

please? I love you long time!
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Might want to check out these deals:



Re the seconds, I have a couple pair, and have trimmed a pair for a friend - the only way I could tell they were seconds was b/c of the little circular mark BD places on them to keep them from being resold as firsts.

Re the tip-only hardware, you can get a Glidelite tail kit from BD.

Re the mohair, I have both nylon and mohair skins -- the only difference I've noticed is that the mohair tends to wear down a bit more quickly toward the edges, but it's pretty minor. It also feels different to the touch, but I haven't noticed any significant performance difference.
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Check Sierra Trading Post, they just put some Ascension Skins on their site (75-85mm) that are seconds. I bought some last time they did that and they just had slight imperfections in the bottoms that did not effect performance. Pretty good prices.
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Ended up getting some nice seconds from telemarkski.com thanks.
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