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ski boot forward lean.

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A question concerning forward lean.
I recently found the new Nordica "Speed Machine" boots to be an extremly good fit. However, they seem to have too much forward lean. I prefer a more upright stance. Head boots are suggested to have less forward lean - is this correct? What are your general thoughts and recommendations concerning boots with modest forward lean and an upright stance?
Thanks for your opinions.
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Try this thread. Lots of info here. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...t=FORWARD+LEAN Note the differences between forward lean, ramp angle and delta angle. I think they are talked about here. If not, try searches for those terms. LewBob

PS I don't know your boot, but many have some adjustment for forward lean. Do yours have a removable spoiler (shim) between the liner and shell at the rear. LewBob
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