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Locating Ski Pro

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I'd taken lessons from a woman in Keystone three or four years ago and thought she was a marvelous instructor. Like to hunt her down to schedule something again for this year although I understand that she is no longer at Keystone. Anyway, is there a national directory or PSIA directory that I might use to find such a person?

Bye the way, what's going on a Keystone? Seems as though that resort is going through some real changes in their personnel.
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What's her name. Maybe someone here knows her.
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Contact Bob Barnes. He used to work at Keystone, plus he knows a lot of other instructors in the County.
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Michelle Fuller and Annie Black are usually considered their top female instructors. Both are PSIA Examiners. Michelle has gone to Deer Valley; Annie is still there.
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I had the pleasure of having Annie as an instructor for a 2-day clinic last year. She is great! I hope that she will be coaching the "Betty Fest" workshops at Keystone again this year. If she is you might look into it.
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The two Mike mentioned--Annie and Michele--come quickly to mind for me as well. Michele, and her husband Tom (also a top instructor), will work at Beaver Creek, Colorado, this season. I understand that they MAY help train coaches for the Mahre Training Center that has just moved to Deer Valley after 20 years at Keystone, but other than that, they intend to work at Beaver Creek.

If it's someone other than Annie or Michele you're looking for, TAMski, PM me and I'll try to help. Or look up Annie Black next time you're at Keystone--you may find a new favorite!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I didn't want to throw out her name on the site but since you mentioned her, it was Michelle Fuller. I had her as an instructor at the Mahre camp at Keystone. She was just great. Nice person and put a lot of effort into actully making sure she watched people, gave them feedback, made sure they understood and then watched to see the student started to get it. I've had some other instructors who basically just said follow me, and we ski around the hill one after another. Pointless.

Michelle was great and I'm so happy to have a contact point to try and get in touch with her. Thanks so much guys.

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