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Bindings for Volkl AX4

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I just picked up a new pair of Volkl AX 4. Thanksgiving at the Canyons. Yee Haw!!! Anyway, I am wondering what to mount them with. In a perfect world, I would probably mount them with a pair of LOOK P14 Lifters with a wide brake. However, I have a pair of unused Marker Comp 1400 with piston. Also, I have a wide brake for the Markers. The problem is that I think that the best Marker for the ski is the EPS (No riser...no piston). Maybe, I can take the bindings off of the piston plate, and then find some shorter screws to drill them into the skis. ANY THOUGHTS?
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Go with Looks, sell Markers

If you're going to have these for a while, then be happy: get the P14s, and sell your Markers. Why wonder?
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that piston will be real nice on those AX4s. alot of big mountain-oriented marker-minority skiers ski their big mountain stuff with the piston. Charlotte Moats skis her Sanouks with a piston binding. the piston will control the ski out of the turn, and the height will help put the ski on edge on hard snow. your piston binding has eps tech on it, plus the extra lift, which i find helpful on wide skis that get used as everday skis. that floating toe is nice too, cause it helps the ski turn shorter than you would expect.

of course, i'm one of the minority here...

i guess you wouldn't have to worry about a true "core" skier stealing those AX4s with a marker on them...
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I have my G4's mounted with the Piston Control 1400, skiing mostly in the east it help on trails, and I have not noted any down side off.

And no wide brake is nessacery, just bend the brakes and shave off the inside of the plastic on the brake.
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