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Gore - N. Creek Ski Bowl

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Anybody up to date on Gore connecting with North Creek Ski Bowl? The interconnect I've heard about sounds like it will be on very flat terrain.:
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This recent news (not much), from

"Gore Mountain Interconnect A Bit Closer
October 20, 2004

The efforts of Clifton Park, N.Y. Congressman John Sweeney have helped move the proposed interconnect between Gore Mountain, N.Y. and the old Ski Bowl a bit closer. Sweeney has proposed $250,000 in federal funds to get the project jump-started. The Troy Record's **** Healy told that money is much appreciated, but several million more will be needed to make the project a reality. That interconnect would give a huge boost to the North Creek region of the Adirondacks, Healy says."

And more, from last March, from :

"Gore-North Creek Interconnect Endorsed by State
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 03:25 PM GMT

By SnowJournal NewsDesk

Connecting Gore Mountain and the Hamlet of North Creek could help Gore Mt. Ski Resort more than double the tourist dollars coming to the regional economy annually, according to a study released today by State Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi. The Comptroller's office conducted the study at the request of the Warren County Economic Development Corporation, using ski industry statistical data to assess the monetary impact of developing the ski lifts and trail network adjacent to the North Creek Ski Bowl.

"Connecting Gore Mountain with North Creek will help make the town a destination resort and help to capture some of the $100 million New Yorkers spend annually on skiing in Vermont," Hevesi said. "Upgrading the ski facilities and the coordinated efforts to upgrade transportation and lodgings would provide a tremendous boon to the area's economy."

The proposed project would construct and develop ski lifts and trails that would "interconnect" the Hamlet of North Creek, NY and the North Creek Ski Bowl with the main trail network of Gore Mountain Ski Center. This interconnection would create one resort facility accessible from either the base area of Gore or the North Creek Ski Bowl. In addition, planned development of as many as 2,514 new lodging beds and the extension of a commercial rail line from Saratoga Springs to North Creek will make the area more attractive and readily accessible to skiers from the New York City metropolitan area.

The study estimated that, based on historical trends, Gore Mountain is expected to attract 168,000 additional skiers per year following the completion of the work or approximately 359,000 skiers annually. With Gore averaging about $25 in income for each skier visit, and with a conservative estimate of four dollars spent regionally for each dollar spent on the mountain, the work could help Gore contribute $45 million annually to the region's economy. Currently, skiers bring in approximately $21.7 million annually to the region.

Because Gore is less developed than other nearby resorts, capital improvements at Gore have also fueled faster growth in visits. The report noted that past improvements to the mountain facilities have increased skiing visits considerably.

A number of associations have endorsed the plan, including the Adirondack Mountain Club, the Residents to Protect the Adirondacks, The Adirondack Council and the Adirondack Nature Conservancy, as well as the Warren County Board of Supervisors and the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Wow - Thanks for that post and for the thread. I had no idea there were so many plans for Gore. Those NY dollars spent in VT must keep certain folks in Albany up all night. My fiancee and I have been scheming to get up to Gore after New Year's, and not a moment too soon. The adirondacks are gorgeous and unspoiled, I hope these plans won't encourage sprawl, though with the AMC, residents and other groups behind it, it can't be that bad. And the convenience of hopping a train without renting a car to ski... well, sign me up.

edit: btw, not to hijack the thread - if either/any of you have suggestions for cheap ski/stay deals near the hill, and good chow, feel free to expand here or pm me --
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I'll second the hijack -- also looking for ski/stay and dining recommendations near Gore. Never been but planning first visit this winter. Father/son trip with a friend and our two boys (11 yrs old, bunkbeds or sleeping bags OK) - stay on Thurs/Fri nights, ski on Fri/Sat days. Any recommendations? Nearer the hill is better, nothing fancy.
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I can't remember which one had an article, but the either the most recent Ski or Skiing mags had a small piece on this issue.
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andrew - did the article add any info to the posts above? I'm still waiting for my "free" issues to arrive...

ts01 - if you check out gore's site, and click on the specials, one of the "townhouse" rentals (goresummit maybe? is stubbornly refusing to call them condos) has 25% off the stay. Not sure if that includes lifts, but with a party of five in tow, worth calling about.
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I'll check it over tonight (although I should have brought the mags to work with me...)
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(although I should have brought the mags to work with me...)

-- That's okay. If you're like me, you probably have your ski boots on instead.
(Then again, I work at home...)
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