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Poll Results: Do you wear a helmet when you ski?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 69% of voters (94)
    Yes, all the time
  • 11% of voters (15)
    Yes, but only for tree and cliff skiing
  • 2% of voters (3)
    Yes, but only when I race
  • 17% of voters (24)
    No, never
136 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by EasternSkiBum
OK... I'll say it, Flawed! What about yes except when it's warm and sunny and you don't want anything on your head.
That would be me. I even wear it sometimes then...
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All the time, even in summer.
The only time I didnĀ“t have it was last April in a coach workshop. We were told to be watching some kids training, discussing their rides, and doing some course setting. April, blue sky, sun aplenty.
Then we were forced to really ski in a a short GS (with SL skis on ) and were recorded on video. Horrible - both the ski and the absence of the helmet.
Never more.
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I bought one this year for racing but I don't plan on wearing it all the time.
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