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SkierX&twin-tip skis?????

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick one - I am considering buying a new pair of skis this year but cannot decide which ones to buy.

I have been skiing since the age of 4 (now 22), raced a bit when in primary school, so I think I'm an advanced "oldschool" skier. Oh yeah, and I really like skierX racing! Although I sometimes ski in deep snow and jump whenever possible, I'm not sure that standard GS race skis are THE skis for such skiing.

As a matter of fact, I would really like to get into freeskiing (newschool skiing) - skierX, tricks and deep-snow cause I'm tired of skiing on groomed trails. The skis I'm looking for should be some kind of a mix between these 3 styles. I know that all these 3 styles require special skis (and that comparing them is like comparing a tractor, ferrari and a bus), but I'm a bit short on cash and cannot afford 2 pairs of skis, so the skis I am looking for should have to be a bit more all-roundish...

So-since there's a serious lack of snowparks here in Slovenia (now EU-for those who haven't heard of it), the best solution would be a ski that would be similar to a skierX ski (to perform well when there's nothing else to ski than groomed trails-when not skiing in deep snow or in parks), yet with twin tips (which are almost a must-I'm not sure you can land a fakie or slide on rails comfortably on skierX skis) and a bit wider for deep snow... Sounds like THE dream ski, aight?

Here in cannot buy any exotic skis (Armada,...) so I'm basically restricted to all the traditional, mostly European brands: Voelkl,Blizzard,Rossignol,Dynastar,Nordica,Head,El an,Atomic,Fisher,Salomon and K2.

Since I race downhill bikes, I know this dilemma is the same as asking which bike to buy when you want to race downhill, bikerX and dirt-jump at the same time. However, I hope you can understand my situation and point me in the right direction. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thx!

Oh-there's one more thing... I'm 184cm tall and weigh 77kg - which length should I buy? Thx one more time!!!

Word up from SLOskier!
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I cannot think of a single pair of skis that satisfies the need to rail at GS speeds of Skier-X, yet is a good park ski. Also, Skier-X skis have a 65-70-mm waist to improve groomed snow and edge to edge performance, while park skis have 75-80-mm waists to improve landing and rail-sliding characteristics.

You must also know that rail slides will absolutely destroy any pair of skis, so beware.

There are some compromise skis out there, but they still lean quite heavily towards one of the two disciplines you required. Even stiffer park skis, like a Volkl V-Pro, will pale in comparison to real Skier-X skis, where Skier-X skis with a slightly turned up tail (and can land fakie), like the old Rossi RPM-17 and 21, are going to be a rather harsh ride in the park, and will be downright miserable in the pipe.

So, there is my rather pragmatic two bits...
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Thanks for all the input, guys! I really appreciate it! I made some phone calls to see what's available here in Slovenia and if I can get any discounts... now I narrowed my choices down to 2, basically because of the discount I can get:
- volkl karma (300 euros, I think that's a pretty cool deal!)
- rossignol scratch fs (270 euros, not bad either)
Both skis are 2004/2005 models and unused of course. I know that all these 2 skis are more all-mountain/park skis than skierX skis, but I think that they should perform well enough until I scrape together some more money to buy a decent skierX ski...
So, I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions regarding these two? Would be really pleased if somebody could compare them and advise me, which one to buy - since the price difference is minimal, it is really the ski itself that is the deciding factor! Any other input/opinion/critic/etc. regarding any of the two is also appreciated!

Thx, SLOskier
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scratch fs is generally viewed as a ski for park, bumps and groomed snow. it does work in the powder. it is the softer flexing of the two skis.

the karma will give more grip on hard snow, be stiffer, and less floppy. expect a more stable ride. it is wider, so it will be even more fun in crud, powder and the like. like most völkl freeride skis, expect no speed limit...

personally, i would never buy a scratch except for either strictly park and bumps (scratch FS) or strictly backountry kickers (Scratch BC).

but i like super stiff skis. like many, i am a humble believer in the greatness of the explosive...
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