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Head RS80 vs Head S12 ? ... or something else?

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Hi, I need your opinion/help on which boot to go with between Head RS80 and S12 assuming they both fit equally well. My local shop recommends rs80 but i'm not sure if they are stiff enough.

I'm 5'10" , 155lbs, aggressive skier, used to race as a youth, and now race in a midwest league 5-8 times per season, mostly gs. I'm looking for a good performance but comfortable boot that will perform on gates but also one that will be good for all day fun skiing out West. When I ski for fun, I ususally enjoy going fast long gs turns. I ski on Salomons 10 2V.

I have a pair of old race Nordicas which have served me well, very good stiff race boot but getting in and out is a pain, i'm usually cold, they're just ready to be retired. I think I'm done with the race boot option and I'm looking for something just step down that also won't break my budget. I also considered Nordica SpeedMachine or The Beast but they are on the pricey side. Nordica Beast 12 seems ok too and I liked last year's Tecnica Icon Alu Comp but can't find last years model anywhere. Ok, I think that's enough of a lead in =)

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If you find out how to pick boots in a shop that will work just right on the mountain, let me know!

The Head RS80 is the same boot as the S10 The RS line has the usual buckles and a black shell. The S line has the buckles with the extended handles and comes in brighter shell colors. The S12 is the same boot as the RS100. The RS100/S12 has the 100 mm wide last, and the RS80/S10 has the 103 mm last. Both can take or remove the "Full custom system frame" insert for width adjustment.
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Yep, basically the same boot with different cosmetics. We carry the RS80 and RS100 this year, and the changeable last is a great feature-it can easily be customized to remove hotspots too. The best thing about the 2005 Head boots is the upright stance, which puts you more in a neutral position (most boots that are too forward shove the butt back too far, making it hard to extent fully). I just picked up my Head RD's and am excited to get them fitted a bit and up onto the hill.
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Thanks! I actually found a pair of last year's Tecnica Icon Alucomp HotForm in a local shop that fits me, it's a great deal, so most likely I'll be going with those.

Happy trails!
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