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I Spy Lotsa Goggles

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Here's my one equipment take-away from Sunday River: Spy appears to be selling more goggles than every other brand combined.
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Well, they are a good goggle, reasonably priced and they don't look dorky. Plus, I'm actually able to find replacement lenses for mine.
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I was suprised how much I like mine. It was one of the few goggles that I could get a grey lense in.
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plus they don't try to gouge the customer on replacement lenses... Replaced one last year and it was only $25.00 retail.

Great quality for the price... Getting a new of goggles this year and I'm only looking at Spy.
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Overstock.com were also selling them cheap for $30-$40
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I might get a pair of Spy's this year from overstoc.com. (they have the best non-ebay prices i've seen) Is there much difference between a 44 dollar spy goggle and a cheaper pair of somthing like scotts? is there a $30 difference? or should i stick wiht the ones i already have?
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I just bought the Scott goggles with the steel tips on each corner, and the Spy goggles were WAAAAAAAAAY cooler! Get em!
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