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Salomon Xtra Hot Length

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Sorry to add another "which length question, but I do need some advice. I am adding a Salomon Xtra Hot to complement my Volkl 5 Stars. I am 55 years old, 5' 8", weigh 180lbs and am an advanced intermediate all mountain-type skier. I ski the 5 stars in a 168. My ski shop is recommending the ExtraHots in a 165 length. I will be using the salomon's for two western trips this winter and for eastern powder days and tree skiing. Is the 165 the correct length, or should I go up to a 175??

Thanks for any thoughts/advice!
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Ultimately you have to make the decision but here's a comparison:

I'm 185-190 (depends on what I eat) and about 6'0". I skied the X-hots for a few days last year in a 175cm and decide it was the right length. My suggestion would be to go for the 175 for you, too. I actually thought that the 185's would be nice because the 175's were very easy to manage. I suspect that you won't have any problem either and the extra 10cm will give you nice float.
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I know that the party line is always that the extra length will result in more float......and if I were solely concerned about float in powder, I would immediately jump for the 175's instead of the 165's. But my other concern is turning ability in powder, crud, etc. in the trees, as that is what I like to ski in the east (when available). Will there be a great difference in the extra-hot, which while pretty wide, is also very light and quick??
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165s?? No Way!! Does that ski come in a 170? If it does and if you are worried about tight turns in trees then go for that, or even 175s. 165 is probably the shortest available length for the Xhots.
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Originally Posted by TerpSKI
. 165 is probably the shortest available length for the Xhots.
It is. Again, I'll mention how easy the x-hots are to handle. I truly think that you'll love em' in a 175 and won't have any problem with them. 175 isn't that long, but 165 is pretty short.
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Xtra Hots 165

Hi Gostan:

I second the shop guy. 165 is only 2 1/2 inches shorter than 175 so its a minor diff in float vs better agility for shorter turns.

I had 'em in 175 last year and they were not bad in spring slush and corn, but as an eastern ski they were too sluggish for the short turns needed when the refrozen ice mounds appeared.
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The Xtra-Hot comes in 165-175-185 lengths. Now I am even more confused. If the 175 is only 2 1/2 inches longer, it should float better and be almost as easy to turn. I should probably demo the 165 and 175 and make up my oww mind before going forward.

But I would welcome other ski suggestions. I am looking for a ski to complement my 5-Stars. A wider ski that will handle powder days in the east and west (I take at least two trips per year) and one that will also make some turns on the groomed in the east, but, more importantly, do decent in the trees and crud, etc. The guys in my local ski shop think that the extra-hot is such a ski.
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Not sure how helpful this will be, but...

I'm 6'0", 190lb, and my all-around ski for this season is a Scream Hot (not Xtra) in a 175cm length. I was concerned this would be too short -- my old skis were 192cm Pilot 10, circa 2002. After yesterday's extremely hard-packed snow at Mt. Rose (not ice, but just barely not ice), I'm convinced that I didn't give up any performance by going shorter: these skis run just as fast as the old Pilots, with less chatter, and turn easier due to length. (The old Pilots had a different construction than the current ones.)
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Since you already have a good pair of skis, definitely wait until you do your western trip and demo like hell. And if you go late in the season you will be very likely to get a good deal on some new boards.
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