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Originally Posted by Rdy2ski

I could hear and understand everything he was saying but I couldn't make it happen.
story of my life with physical stuff.....

"watch the ball" (I was damn it but I can't catch the buggers)... etc etc etc....

Every bit of learning to ski is like this for me - I actually enjoy the challenge of trying to help the instructor work out how to make my body "do it".... at least these days I do.....

That is why the "just keep turning" works best for me..... any attempt to use any particular tactic just leaves me dazed and confused.... "keep turning" at least ensures a fairly simple goal.... I only fail when I STOP turning...... & I can recover by simply "TURN" .....
the focus is so easy.... over the last few years I am improving - through no other tactic than simply keeping the skis turning... somehow the legs are working out how to play shock absorber all by their lonesomes - although progress is slow at least it IS progress....

My absolute super hated run is now something I know I can get down fine even when it is covered in ice..... only a minimal number of stops required..... although I am still very worried about those rocks (& YES stumps too in that case & no they have the run open when the trail of snow out is about 12inches wide & grass pocks through it - so they are NOT covered all the time)
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As Nolo said keep turning. I have had great luck working with skiers having them try to synchro ski short radius turns then take them into the bumps still with the synchro skiing. Then learn to just make turns as there focus is on thier partner and not the bumps.
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Well after spending 7 days on the mountain and 3 of those in lessons...I can get through moguls Yay! Ok, it's not graceful or amazing, but I'm smiling at the end, not rubbing my jaws from tense gritting of teeth. The first day (no lessons) I played around with a lot of the input given here. It was a big help. I tried a lot of variations and probably most importantly just kept having fun with it and not letting myself get into the "OMG" zone. So the attitude changed first and foremost..then the instructor I had just kept describing it different til it clicked! (4th time through). Plus I did a lot of "follow the leader" watching the instructor and not the bump immediately at my feet.

So, not ready for competitions but am jazzed about not being frustrated and "mindless" in the moguls. Thanks again for all your input. It was incredibly helpful!!!
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Originally Posted by tdk6
I hit the bumps more in the fall line and crash through them in a spectacular explosion of snow spraying all over. My technique builds on controlling speed, skiing safely and looking spectqular.
I'm sorry, but this line was hilarious! Enjoy looking spectacular!
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