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Spatulas, Linkins and mounting points.

So I'm mounting up my new spatula's with Linkins for use this winter and not sure what point to use for the center. I'll just be skiing them with helicopter and not touring, so the step-in is important and the weight is not.

I've skied my other spats for 50+ days alpine and like to ski them on ski center to boot center. So this is how I would like my other pair to ski too. But ..................

My tele boots (older T1's) don't have a center point on them so I've measured, heel to heel, my Alpine boots to tele boots and created a center mark on them.

According to linkin, using the balance point of the ski, the mounting mark is way back from the alpine pair. But this is assuming that the ski is not a twin tip, and the spat is.

The other question is that with tele the force is coming from me, to the ski, only thru the toe, and not thru the whole ski boot, so if I mount back of center this might just balance them out?

The alpine spatulas are 34” tail to center. (and the red plastic mounting plates are not the same on both of the skis, so I'm just using tail to center measurements).

I know that a few people have mounted spats with tele and just looking for some feedback, and ideas