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Killington this weekend

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I went to Killington this weekend. Had to get the skiing fix in. The only stuff open is essentially the Glades area and the Chute / Bunny Buster area, along with the necessary connector trails.

It was definitely crowded, so there really wasn't space to practice carving technique. I occassionally found myself with open terrain and had a chance to try carving. I usually found that my legs have forgotten how to do a clean turn initiation. Most trails were becoming semi-bumpy by noon-time, and I certainly can't carve through bumps on my opening weekend. Lower Chute and Bunny Buster seemed to be left alone by the grooming crews and actually had some decent bumps on them. Sheesh. I don't usually ski bumps opening weekend, but what the heck. Snow time is snow time.

I took my camera so that I could post some pictures for the Bears. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the battery condition before I left, and the batteries didn't have enough juice. So no pictures. Darn. Had two pretty nice days. Blue skies, temps in the mid-20s.

I managed to wipe out getting on the chairlift (the triple that starts right next to the K1 gondola -- I've forgotten its name). I was poling out to the loading line, got my pole baskets caught under my ski tips, couldn't untangle them, got scooped up by the chair, wound up basically sitting on the far-right side of the chair (i.e., half on, half off) and fell off from there (well, I half-jumped off). Oh well, it was a soft landing. The lift-op guy had tears streaming down his cheeks he was laughing so hard. I also got more then a smattering of applause from the lift line. Hopefully there weren't any Bears there to witness that. :
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skiied up there sat and sunday I really thought the snow crew did an excellent job - got some real good turns in early sunday morning! : ) yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa
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