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Best snow of the season

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I came up with this title today after our first run down Saphire and Upper Arrow after the Ski Patrol dropped the rope. Fellow Epic skier Hairybones and his wife and I ski together all the time. The three of us were one of the first ones down to the Greenridge Triple.

We skied almost 6 hours Saturday on World Cup and Defiance. Okemo added more trails today. The coverage was great, best early season snow I seen at Okemo. I know I have to say that, I work there. But no, I realy mean it. Hairybones and I took our old skis out yesterday and said early on we're bringing out our good skis on Sunday.

No lift lines, not many people. Great early season skiing.

It felt realy good to get the good skis on today and let them run. The snow was a little frim in the first hour today and then soften nicely on the sunny side of the hill. Countdown to Sprint to Rimrock was sweet, soft but not mush. I will warn you Lower World Cup was the only way back to the bottom. The double fall line area got nicely buffed. I'm sure Okemo will have Lower Arrow open on Monday if not Tuesday. All the runs were groomed and in two days of skiing I didn't have any nicks in my edges.

It was a nice way to start the season. Great friends and sunny sky's.
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kudos to snowmaking

Skied this weekend with my wife and max capacity, conditions were stellar for early season. A bit of ice where the snow was melting from underneath but overall really fine eastern conditions. Okemo did a great job this time around. Coverage was edge to edge and nary a rock was to be found. As this was the first couple of days of the season for us we started slow, a lot of short repetitive turns to get the cadence thing going which led to.... let em rip. Sure feels good to be back on skis.
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