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Sunday River Pics - 11/14

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Here are some from today.

Barker Lodge and Lift Area

They were blowing a ton of snow

Ecstasy - Bottom

Jungle Road and Ecstasy were typical of a just opened run with manmade. There were frozen whale humps and deep ridges that gave your feet and knees a good jolt. One guy had to take off his skis and slide down. Guess he didn't see the advanced sign. It would have been to dangerous for me to take pics at the top because people were sliding everywhere and I didn't feel like getting taken out.

Southridge Base

Nice and groomed in the morning

Risky Business - Groomed

Some fun fast runs at first chair.

Risky Business - Tracked Out

Some fun fast bump runs an hour or two later
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All those URL's are coming up with error messages.
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workin on it

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Looks like someone got to excited, and hit to wrong keys. Hopefully Scalce will fix it.

Obeo, Have you been out yet? I just posted about "best snow of the season".
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Boy, he's fast and excited...

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NO, I have not been "out" yet. Now, just SHUT UP!
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LOL I'm sorry, I'm just excited!!!
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I am also bursting to get out. I would def. have been at Sunday River if I didn't have to work this weekend. Looking forward to next weekend....
P.S. Thanks for posting the pictures Scalce.
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Sorry about the technical difficulties.

I know you guys have no sympathy for me since I have been out twice already.

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Just Shut The F*&$ Up!!
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You're not the only one that's been "out" twice. But my two day's were in a row. Just think, this is a late start this year. Sorry oboe, Hope you get a chance to get "out" soon.
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