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Pulling the "Plug"

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So today was the first day back out on snow!!! As usaul on the 1st day I took out all the old stuff. Kinda broken in & no supirses here. Last season's SL Skis & my Plug boots 2 seasons ago (tecnica XT). Now I have a Plug from last season too (Dobie WC, these fit awsome, thanks PJ @ racestocksports). And before these, there was a Tecnica Formula I had skied in (those really hurt).

the Plugs serve a great purpose; firm, fast, great edging. & I saw tons of folks out there too in Plugs or Public Plugs. There is a down side thou, the are cold, leak, and generally harsh off the ice (where you really want to ski) & I have socks thicker than their liners.

Now I am keeping my Plugs b/c they are great for racing and carving hard on the firm stuff. But what I'm REALLY excited about this season is going back to Boot Guru PJ to set up an All-mtn, all day, open to last chair boot. With so many folks going "plug crazy", is anyone else stepping back from the Plug Experience?
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This is the second time I have said this today....great topic!

I have a "plug lite". It is the Doberman 130 pro which is not truely a plug boot.
I have twenty or so days in it and have yet to ski in cold weather. I also own a Beast. It is a great boot and I think I'll use it to teach in all day.

Bob Barnes is skiing in the 150 and feels as though he will have to put a neoprene cover on the boots on cold days.
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I'm defintely looking to take a step down from my current boots, Salomon Course X2s, which are pretty close to being plug boots. They're great fun for days when i spend less than 3 hours wearing them, but aynthing more than that and my feet, shins, ankles, etc. just ache from the constant abuse. If only i could justify/find the money to both buy new skis and new boots in the same season
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