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Sunshine Village conditions?

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Has anyone here skied at Sunshine (Banff) yet? I'm heading down there in two days, and would like a scouting report.
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i went on opening day thursday, not much open ,, about 20-25 runs or so out of 100,,, not much snow but ok coverage.. almost everything will be hardpack now after the weekend,,it was a mix of crust and hardpack on thursday,with some really bizarre grooming thrown in,,, not much sustained vertical, just short lil shots, lineups were a bit long but not too bad it might snow tonight,, any more questions let me know ,,, its still gotta be better than lake louise and their one green run...
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Better on Saturday than Thursday but still early season

I was up both Thursday and Saturday. By Saturday the frozen corrugated cardboard grooming had broken up and the Strawberry runs were in pretty good shape. There's not a lot of snow right now (as per their warnings on the snow report) so you're likely to need to rewax and retune after a few days.

Standish and Wawa were ok, but not enough snow. All of Wawa was marked marginal conditions so I just did one run in the bowl and took off for whiter pastures.

The best conditions I found were around Jackrabbit lift. The two short blacks and the Short & Sweet blue were good, but S&S was building up a lot of bumps pretty quickly. Banff Avenue was good on top, but as soon as you remerged with the lower BA trail you were running into a lot of gravel (almost like they sanded for better traction).

I talked to three people who had been to Louise, and they all felt the conditions were better at Sunshine. I'll be heading back tomorrow to see how much snow we got overnight. With only Louise and Sunshine open during the week (even COP is closed weekdays!) it looks like the only place to go for a while. Look on the bright side--you have 25 more runs open at Sunshine than you did last week!
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Mixed on Tuesday

The 3-4 cm of snow from Monday night seemed to be spread around pretty well by the wind, leading to some good accumlations on the lee side of Strawberry, particularly in Boutry's Bowl. A fair amount of wind drift also accumlated on the North and North East facing slopes and hollows on Standish and Wawa. To get to those stashes you had to pick your way over the highly wind polished trails on the tops of those hills, dodging rocks and bare ground. The sheltered runs off Jackrabbit and Wolverine lifts seemed to fare better. Another meter of snow would probably solve all our problems but no sign of any big dumps in the forecast that I can see.
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Any updates on Sunshine conditions? I will be heading there first thing in the morning, to ski tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Should I expect a rocky nightmare?
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I was up there today and they were the best conditions they've had yet. They claim they got 6cm last night, but for once I think a ski hill under estimated how much they actually got. I'd say closer to 10. What they have open is pretty well covered except for the top of Standish. The base is pretty solid and is setting up well for further snow. There's a possibility for Thursday night. All in all the conditions are pretty sweet for mid-November.
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i heard that they are opening angel on saturday, dont know if its true or not but if it is should help with the crowd,,, (now there wont be any lines at all)
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Sunshine Website advertising Angel opening

The Sunshine website is offering a special deal at the Sunshine Inn to celebrate the opening of the Angel chair. It looked pretty good from a distance on Tuesday, with 10 cm. yesterday and the possibility of more tomorrow, I think it's a done deal for a weekend opening.

I'm almost tempted to see what deal they'd give a pass holder for one of those rooms on Sunday night.
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Thanks, folks. I'll report back tomorrow night, after skiing Sunshine for the day.
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Sunshine on Thursday

Conditions keep improving. It snowed throughout the morning (heavily at times) and by the time it stopped in late afternoon, there was a lot of new snow to work with. The best snow still seems to be on Strawberry and the Jackrabbit/Wolverine runs. Angel lift opens tomorrow. I don't know about the Teepee chair, but I saw the groomers working on Packer's and a couple of other runs leading down to the Teepee base.
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Thanks for the update! Sounds like tomorrow should be pretty sweet!!!
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Sunshine was great today; the snow that fell yesterday and last night was just what the doctor ordered. The snow was good all day. Mostly good coverage, not too much that was scraped off. By the end of the day, though, it was starting to get harder to find the good stuff. If we get even 2-3 centimeters tonight, we'll be just fine tomorrow.

The Angel lift did open today. There was some very nice skiing to be had from it.
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