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Boot Dilemma

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Current boots are Raichle Flexon Pro (Purchased new footbeds last year.)- two years old w/Thermoflex liners. Very close shell fit everywhere but the instep (I have a super low volume foot). Boots are too narrow in the forefoot (I have a B width) and I've been dealing w/ more pain than should be tolerated. I have a lot of movement in the heel and have used some padding in that area but it hasn't helped.

Some have recomended I'm in the wrong boot entirely and should go w/ Tecnica XT or Nodica Doberman. Here are my questions:

Option 1: Boot work on Flexons:
-Punch out boot in forefoot area
-Purchase foam liners to take up voids in heel and instep

Option 2: Shop for a Different Boot such as Tecnica XT/Diablo or Doberman. But aren't these considerably more voluminous than the Flexon?

I can't tell you how long I've wanted a pair of boots that don't cause intense pain and don't enable my foot to move. Sorry for the rant.
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I thought Technica had a pretty big instep. What about Salomon Course?

I'm on a Salomon kick because I just got my new pair dialed with new footbeds and I am ready to rock and roll tmrw...
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I have a narrow heel and a wide forefoot. I think my solomons are going to be alright, after punching out the little toe side 4 times; I was able to ski them barefoot last time I went skiing.

If your heel is swimming in the heel pocket and your boot is buckled and you've flexed them the hell is too big. Parts of a boot can easily be punched out or sometimes ground down, but I don't know of any good procedure for making parts of the boot smaller.
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Tecnica usually fits a high instep. Took me years of pain, buying different boots etc before I realised that this was my problem and Tecnica was one of the few boots that would work for me.
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