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Volkl P40 RC question

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I made a bold move and bought a pair of skis that I haven't ridden yet, thinking that they'd be a great E.C. ice ski- they're the abovementioned Volkls, 2001 model, black w/orange graphics. I think that they used to be mostly orange with blue writing back in 2000; I was told that this pair I have is a Europe-only release, which doesn't explain how they ended up in Mass. I'm having some cold feet (and it's only September- bad sign), thinking that they're maybe a bit long- 183s. From what I was told, they would ski softer than the (yellow)SLs, but mostly be a short-to-medium turning ski; due to the softer flex the longer length would work out fine. I'm a 5'8", 175ish advanced/low-end expert who's looking for a good, energetic ski to rip up the Jay frontside when the glades are crusty. If anyone has any experience with these boards let me know what you think re: performance and what lengths you found appropriate.
Peace in the Middle East, etc.
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That's a really good question, Pete. Way to go.
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That's a good ski and the length should be fine.
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Yep, TCL, good ski.
I've the previous model, the P40 F1 (the red/white ones, equivalent to the Green/Black version of your year's RC).
And in 198...
I'm 75 cm and weight about 77Kg, I think I'm a couple inches short that you ,and a bit lighter...
My skis required a bit of work to get used to..
Truth be told, they're to long.
My uncle, otoh, has the exact same ski as you have, in 178 cm, and it's in love with the things.
He's as tall as me, and a bit lighter than me.
Never complained about his P40 RC. Very satisfied.
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They will deffinitly be fine for you. We have a girl on our ski team that skis those skis (but one year older). She is tiny compared to you and she handles them just fine. She's only about 5'4" and 125 lbs... pretty rugged though cuz when she isnt running gates she is playing hockey or working as a ski instructor. You will like the skis, great edgehold, and makes very clean arcs on any snow/ice.
Keep them, unless you paid a very small amount of cash for them - then id suggest you sell them for more than you paid for them and buy something else that will make you feel more comfortable. The reason i say that is because i just sold two new pairs of skis for $200 more than i paid for them and no (for everyone else out there) i didnt proform them, i found them at a big ski sale.
Later all
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Actually at 75cm height you would be a lot shorter than him, assume you meant 175cm.
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Ooopps, Nore, yes I meant 175 cm.
Bloody &%$£@**+ keyboard.
To be precise, last time I measured myself I was 174cmx77Kg (5'7"x170pounds)
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I was going to say, I guess if I see a 2 1/2 foot tall Italian on P40s I'll know who it is.
Just got back from a week in Lucca, Mateo- brought a case of '97 Montecinos with me.
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Info I have - no guarentee that it is accurate:

P40 F1 (red & black) & P40 F1 EnergY (green & black) are the same sidecut, but the former is softer than the latter. The P40 RC is of the same family, but is a different flex and a different sidecut. So, it will not ski the same as the F1 model's.

Also heard that it is a european model - extra stock has been dumped on the US market.
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actually, the only difference between the red and black p40 and the green and black p40 is that the green and black comes with the energy rail riser plate and the red and black doesn't.
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