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Salomon Ski Boots

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I've never used Salomon products but am looking at their "Pro Model" boots. I'm looking for experienced comments on their product. How do Salomon boots stand up, quality wise- liner compression, stitching, warmth, power straps, ect.
I have had boots before (Rossies-'98 vintage [?] "Mt. Vipers") where the 'liner' seams started coming apart the first season.
So, tell me how it is!
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The Pro Model has a thinner liner (less padding and insulation) that the all-mtn Sallies ofthe X-Wave line. The PM has a narrow last and either fits or kills your foot. There were a lot of these floating around at ski swaps and convention sales for <$200 last season. I suspect that it was due to the diffcult fit for a lot of folks. I ski the CrossMax 10 for all-mtn and park riding and they do fine by me.

Oh, and about your earlier experience with the Rossi's, prior to about 4-5 years ago, the Rossi liners where horrible. They are much improved now and would be worth a second look.
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it comes from the same mold as the course, so if you don't have a low-volume foot, there's gonna be a lot of work done to it.
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O.K. guys, good information. I'm aware of the fit, that's why I'm considering the boot.
Like to get my boots dialed in and keep them for awhile, thats why I'm asking about quality.
With regard to the liner thickness, are we indicating it is, or may be a cold boot?
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Originally Posted by slider45
With regard to the liner thickness, are we indicating it is, or may be a cold boot?
Yes...but not as cold as a "plug" boot.
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