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Anyone else sign up for it? Its $239 for the season but you get 2 free passes anywhere or 4 free to Snowbird or Sugarbush. So basically it was only a few dollars if you are hitting up snowbird or the Bush. My only question, I'm not really sure how to access the non-free area. Where do I sign in, etc. Or do I just get e-mails?

Anyway, Jim Roemer has been doing amazing work over the years. Especially in the Northeast where the snowfall varries so much from one resort to another. Its the difference b/t a 1 inch day and a 7 inch day.
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Is this the site ? Seams like alot of $ for what weather. May be out in the back country but I don't think its worth it in New England.
Just My 2 Cents
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Roemer has posted long range forecasts in the past for free on "Firsttracksonline.com" and/or on "Stowe.com", not sure which. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are 1/2 right/wrong...you get the picture...$39 OK...$239, give me a break . Take the $239 and put it towards a new set of rails!

"see ya in the trees"
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yeah, but.....

if you are out @ snowbird and need to buy 4 lift tickets then it is only about $5. throw in a subscription to backcountry mag then it really makes sense. if not, then yeah, $239 is pretty excessive.
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