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More Rebound?

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I am currently on Axis X pro's in 188cm, and I love the ski for its stability, predictability, and is great in a variety of conditions. But X Pro's are very damp and lack rebound energy. Dont get me wrong, I wont sell them,.....like most boys and there toys...I want to ad to my quiver. (Skiing 25 yrs, level 8, 6'-2 & 245#'s) I'm looking for a ski much like the X Pro's, with good stabilty,....but with more rebound energy than my X pro's, a more lively ski in the bumps, with more pop coming off a turn. I respect the wealth of information this board has to offer! Thanks in Advance
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I'm on the same ski, and at the Gathering spent a morning demoing skis for exactly that reason - skiing the bumps. My favourite of those I tested was the Salomon Equipe 10 3V. It won't cut the crud as well as the K2, but it is a fun ski, IMHO.

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So you're looking for a narrower waisted ski or another mid fat, just trying to understand the question a little better
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Here's my take: a ski with alot of "energy" is going to be the last thing you want when skiing steeps at the limit of your ability. And isn't that the kind of skiing that midfats are designed for (judging from the advertisements)?
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I like the mid-fats for off piste, I'm looking for a ski that is dimensionally similar to the X Pro, with more rebound energy. I'm guessing that more rebound energy, means I may have to sacrifice dampness. That is ok
I think W.T.Fox Hat is on the same page as I am, and I'm looking into the Salomon Equipe 3V, I may have found a deal on a pair of new 01's.
Also, one fellow recommended the Elan MX Four Super, but I know nothing about this ski.?
All your help is greatly appreciated!
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Well, In my usual hasty fasion,..I went and bought a pair of new, 01-02' Salomon Equipe 10 3V, I got a great deal on ebay, I couldnt pass on.... With plates for $200. I got them in 176cm which is long by most standards, but when considering my weight, and that I'll be mainly free skiing with them, I think they'll be fine.
Now,.. I have a pair of Marker Titanium M48's, they're old, but in new condition, will these work with the Salomon plates?
Thanks Again!
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It seems like a bit of a jump from an all mountain ski like the Axis XP to a slalom ski... If you want a ski that is similar to the K2, but less damp, then why not demo the new Bandit XX in 184cm? The new model is a couple of millimeters wider at the waist (76mm). A stable but lively ski. There is a good review with added comments in the Gear Review section of this site.

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Originally posted by bearberry:
[QB]It seems like a bit of a jump from an all mountain ski like the Axis XP to a slalom ski...QB]
Please explain the differences, and how they will effect all mountain skiing. (I know the V3 has a narrower cut), I also know that the V3 will not bust crud, or float powder as well as the X Pro, or any other mid-fat for that matter, but then again, we did all those things on straight skis a few years back. Being in the east, we dont ski deep powder very often. Although I have never been on a Bandit, I'm sure it would fit the bill, but they seem over priced, and hard to get. I'm hoping that the V3 will turn out to be a slightly detuned race ski, that will produce plenty of rebound, and quick edge to edge. I got a great deal on them, if they dont work out for me, then someone else will get a great deal on them. BTW, I'm getting them mounted with brand new S910 Team P's.
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Just got back from a day on my new Salomon Equipe 3V's, I dont have enough time on them to make a complete review,.. and the conditions sucked (granular), but a couple of things that are noted right away; The 3V's are definatly quicker edge to edge than the X Pro's,... and,.. these puppies got some rebound! If these things prove to work well in powder, there may soon be a nice new set of K2 X Pro's for sale. Although one thing is for sure,...the 3V's will never bust crud, or be as smooth/damp as the X Pro's
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