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Cheapest Summit County Lodging

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I am under the impression there's a lodge in Summit maybe very near Breck that has bunk beds in rooms and a shared shower. I thought the name of the place may have been Tyrolean , but it doesn't come up on the search.

Does anybody know the name of the property I am referencing . I know they have a website . Always the ski trip schemer, I would like to go skiing in Vail over Thanksgiving and was planning on staying in W.Vail. I maybe able to get a rental car without paying on an award that would creates additional lodging options. I want to do this trip as cheaply as possible, becasue I have the opportunity to go back out in early January.

Maybe the money saved in a dorm room with shared bath will turn out to be a terrible plan. Anyway, I 'll find out how soft I have become in my old age!
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Although im not too familiar with the area (yet), i know of the fireside inn in breck. It may be similar to what you are looking for?

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Try www. hostel.com
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you might/??? be thinking of Alpen Hutte Lodge in Silverthorne exit 205 63 miles west of Denver. I stayed there but not in ski season. American Youth Hostels search in google should pull up others.
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There is a hole in the wall hotel (cant remember the name) in frisco- just to the north of the interstate that I stayed at for $40 (2 people). That the cheapest I know of.
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Thanks everybody for the information. My free rental car went up in "smoke", so I will probably stay in West Vail now. Appreciate the inputs.
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