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buyers remorse? keystone is a done deal

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do you hate when you find a website then start reading the negative reviews? we have changed our dates to dec. 15-19(skiing thu, fri, and sat) so we do not have to take the kids out of school too long. i'm beginning (especially after reading some reviews) that keystone will be extremly busy with the start of night skiing that weekend and school being out. this resort seems to get very icy and crowded(but can it be anymore crowded than breck on a weekend)..can anyone comfort me? should i just get over it and enjoy being with my kids?
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No worries watchout...you're hitting the weekend BEFORE it gets crazy I ski a lot of the CO places quite a bit and the only place I've had problems with was opening days (before the rest of the resorts open) and the key holidays. BUT at Keystone, just hit first chair and then get to the Outback, ski the back side and don't worry about the crowds. I'm sure people have had bad experiences there...but they have everywhere. I've always had a ball at Keystone! Have FUN!!!!!
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Don't be silly, you're going to have a blast. "Crowd" is defined differently in CO Than in most places.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
Don't be silly, you're going to have a blast. "Crowd" is defined differently in CO Than in most places.
HA!!! You should have seen Copper on Friday! Memories of days of Killington past! But that was unique, since the kids out here get the day after Veterans Day off from school.: You're going midweek, before the official holiday, so it shouldn't be too bad.
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Copper has never really had lift lines IMO. The worst ones I can remember were about 3 years ago, and the only bad lines were at the Eagle and Flyer lifts. I had to wait about 10 minutes in the singles line. No problem when you really think about it. Just get up high on the mountain and stay high until you absolutely have to come down to the base.
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No worries at Keystone....

No need to worry at Keystone.
The week between Christmas and New Years is their Peak week and that still doesn't compare to old days lift lines. The worst you may see is a 10-15min first gondola up line which can be avoided by going over to mountain house if this is not acceptable. Other than that mid-mountain front side Montezuma can give you 5-10 minutes worst case. Really you shouldn't even concern yourself. I would bet you a season pass that your legs won't last 9am-4pm never mind 9am-8pm with the night skiing :-).

Look for the new bowls or even the very short (3 minutes) hike to north and south bowls - I like South a bit better.

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you made a great choice ! i usually ski breck 2nd week of dec. and have yet to complain and usually go to the stone once each time i go.
it will not be icy, as keystone has one of the largest snow making systems, will not be crowded on weekdays as it is still before peak and you can ski the basin,stone,breck on same icket and bus. you have a lot of great options !
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I would not worry. Skied Keystone Friday and Sunday. Skied early it was great! It got very crowded later but they only have one run open as soon as they open more it will be fine. Coverage was excellent. The upper portion of the mountains have quite a bit of snow for this time of year. So far so good.
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Some tips on avoiding "crowds" at Keystone. If you're skiing out of River Run, take the Quad chair not the Gondola, lines will be much shorter. At Montezuma lift stop at the rise before you enter the loading area to see which side has a shorter line. In the mornings the river run side is almost always shorter. You said before you have blue/green skiers. If you want to go to North Peak you will have to take Mozart which can get busy. I would go first thing. North Peak try Anticipation. Nice blue that gets little traffic. At the Outback there are few blues no greens. The run down the middle can get busy with skiers that really should not be there, again if you're going to do it I'd go early then take the 6 chair back and ski the front (Dercum) mountain. Read the grooming report. Lots of people skip the front mountain. Why I do not know, the front has some great blue cruisers.

I have really never found Keystone to be that crowded, save opening weekend. The few times I have been to Breck the blue/green runs have seemed to be far more crowded than at Keystone.

Where are you staying?
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staying at one of the river run condos, but who knows where.. my wife is nursing our infant and we requested to be close to the base(i know, who doesn't). we went to copper in the spring and stayed at the cirque because i wanted to know which building i would be in...i hate this new "level" system some resorts are "resorting" to.
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Have fun, hopefully you will be in one of the closer units. Lets us know how it was. It is nice to get a fresh perspective from someone who has not been before.
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