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Buon Compleanno, Matteo!

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Maggio i vostri giorni sono riempiti di polvere e di gioia!

{May your days be filled with powder and joy}

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Happy birthday, Matteo!
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Happy Birthday Matteo
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Happy Day, Nobody!
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"Nobody" seems to be "somebody" to all the ladies! Italian guys!:
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Hmmmm. Get your head out of the clouds, Girl.
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I wish I were fluent (maybe even a little) in Italian, the language of music. Absent that, Matteo, the very best to you! Crescendo! Forte!
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Hey, Thank you to everyone!!! I'm embarassed !!! I Hope the men will not feel threatened , but I feel honoured!
Sorry for the silence, it was not due to my shiness or snottines, I was "off-line" since friday (took half a day off to "celebrate") and spend a little extra time with my boys...
Now if only there was enough snow to allow us to go skiing (well there is, but I'm not into the "skinning my way up the mountains" business, I need operating lifts) !!!

Ladies, you're all very nice, wish you all the best for your future!
Oboe, the same to you, of course!
BTW, have you ever seen the Scala theatre in Milan?
Seen from outside it's not really what one would expect, but the inside...it's been freshly restaurated and the season is about to open (Dec 7)
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My parents loved Italy, especially because of the music. I have yet to visit. Someday . . .
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