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I think I broke my boots...

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As many of you know my boots are the yellow Salomon Course boot. I currently ski on the 2000-2001 model i think... It has custom footbeds in it of course, and also the course CF liner in it. After drying out my liners last night and putting them back in this morning I noticed that just below the two cuff buckles a crack is forming where i flex the boot. It isnt jsut a small stress fracture either... it is an actual tear in the plastic of the boot. It jsut happened yesterday, and it is already about 1/4 - 3/8 of an inch long. Its spread apart pretty good too (enough to fit a fingernail in it). This is my 3rd season on the boots so im guessing that they are not under warranty anymore. Should i try to warranty them if they start to get significantly worse? Right now i can ski in them if they dont split across the whole cuff. And if they are warrantied, will salomon let me keep the liners for them... i really dont want to break in a new pair of boots right now. I may be droping by snow country within the next week or so - so ill ask them what i should do, but i figured someone here would have advice. By the way the flex on this beast is 120... does the crack mean im flexing it too much?? - and nope no jumping on them this season.
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I doubt you'll be able to warranty them. But there is a technique to stop the tear from going any farther... get a drill with a 1/8" or smaller drill bit. Heat it up with a lighter, and drill a small hole at the very end of the tear. (right at the point of the "V". It wont get any worse.
Another little known, but very effective technique on larger tears is to drill a 1/4 inch hole on each side of the tear right at the widest part, (the farthest from the bottom of the "V") Then run a "zip tie" through the holes to pull the crack together. It's a pretty permanent fix.
Once your shells start to tear, though, they are on their way out. Hopefully these suggestions will make their life a bit more comfortable in their final days.

(I hope you can picture what I'm trying to say)
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I wouldn't hold your breath, but you should throw yourself upon the mercy of the courts . . . er, Salomon's warranty department.

Tell them what a loyal customer you've been throughout the years. Tell them how you suffered through the undignified taunts about "rear-entry being an unnatural act" as you skied merrily along in the early days of their rear-entry boots. Ah, SX-90's.

You could be rewarded with a new pair of slippers. Or, you could finish the year in a pair of boots held together with zip-ties.

Yeah, Salomon might frown at you and firmly say "NO", but that's the worst that could happen.

Fight the good fight! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Sometimes some of the companies (not sure about Salomon) may not actually warranty the product but they will offer you a really good deal on a new boot to replace them. Your shop will set that up for you usually. The tips about drilling at the end of the crack above are good. It disipates the stress and keeps it from growing further. Check with the shop if they're alright with it. It has no real effect that would be harmful but sometimes the shop or supplier might look for any excuse to get out of obligation so it's best to do it with their blessing.
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Drilling the hole was what i was planning to do if i cant get them warrantied. I had already thought of that one, not the tie wrap suggestion though, not a bad suggestion. I'll drop into snow country and see what they have to say about it. I dont really want to get new boots... I assume they will give me a good deal on a new pair of boots, i just dont want to break in new liners right when race season is starting... Thats the worst.

ps. I wasnt alive at the point in time when rear entry boots were introduced... I've only ever used them once, and only skied on straight skis for 4 season... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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How about getting new boots and then use the old liners and then break the new liners in when there is a better time?
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Did you get the boots on a pro-form or racer deal. If so you probably are not eligible for warranty. You probably had a 90 day warranty for defects if you pro-formed the boots.
What you have done to the boots is fatigue the plastic. A boot will only last a couple seasons if you training gates in them. They are worn out, time to buy some new ones.
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Originally posted by HeluvaSkier:
ps. I wasnt alive at the point in time when rear entry boots were introduced... I've only ever used them once, and only skied on straight skis for 4 seasons... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Well, then I certainly wouldn't try the "rear entry" line . . . . Puppy
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Greg , all good advice above , but if your going to ski in these things for a while yet throw a roll of fiberglass tape in your bag . If the boots are breaking down it may start to tear elsewhere , a boot with this tape on will be rock hard and get you through the day or week if need be.
Broke a boot years ago on the first day of a week of heli-skiing with Mike Wiegele, while in the chopper Warren Miller (yes that Warren Miller)suggested fiberglass tape , I spent the rest of the week at breakfast taping up the boot and cutting it off in the bar at night . Duct tape is ok and got me through the first day but it doesn't even compare to fiberglass for strength.
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leeroy, you still use duct tape for the pigs you wrestle don't you? Fiberglass tape seems cruel and I know you want to be gentle with them.
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