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Methinks the PE's base graphics are cool. the stuff on the top sheet is cool too, but its the ski that counts
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Originally Posted by icancruz
Check out the Ttelemark version - Piste Pipe:

Essentially the same ski and probably a lot cheaper.
I wonder if you can mount normal alpine bindings on these skis. They have pre-drilled holes for telemark bindings. The graphics aren't great, especially where it says "telemark" ... but a lot more acceptable than the P.E.'s!
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If you don't like em, paint em. not that id do this to any of my skis, but its a suggestion.
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04/05 PE review:
Setup: 179 cm / Look P12 ti / Position #1 / Tecnica Icon Comp

Ok here goes, I was able to spend several days on thes in the East. I had originally purchased them for a late march trip out west to Montana. I was blown away by these boards!!! I had been told by another PE skier that they were not a carving ski, yet I think once you adjust to a wide stance and toss the hip in they were more than acceptable on hard stuff. Not as great as either of my GS skis, yet that was not what I would expext from them. Where they were a blast was on the tracked up, crud, death balls, bumps, slush & pow-pow. I actually found that when you wanted to rail the skis into carved turns they held well in all but the firmest stuff, yet were equally able to skid & go from carve to skid as needed. the twin tips help this out alot. Not a lot of skis out there can handle doing both well. the float was nice in the soft stuff too, places where a 65 mm ski would just not cut it.
Overall I was really impressed with these boards. I was actually skiing solo last week for a day and made 26 runs on them top to bottom at killington. They were as great in the am as ther were at the end of the day. Prob, the first ski I would consider a true all mtn ski ; carved/turned well for a wider platform. Only caution is that I found the 179 cm ski to be perfect for my size/ability. Being that I only weight 140-145 lbs, heavier skiers may not get the same satisfaction from them (PE maxes out at 179 cm)
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