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Sunday River This Weekend

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Well I broke down. Going to go to Sunday River for the weekend. Leaving in a few hours. Anyone else going? If so, post quick because I won't be online this weekend. I have to rent skis though ...
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I might head up.

Right now I feel like crap so we might not go until Sunday when there is more snow and terrain but less people.

Me and my wife both have blue ArcTeryx shells and will either have Salomon 1080s or Atomics on out feet.

Do you have a GMRS radio?
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It looked like Jack Frost was open on the access road so you may want to check out their rental and demo fleet.
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Let us know what it is like. Back in the UK this weekend so first turns will need to wait a week!
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It will be crowded and bumpy.

A typical early season Northeast opening weekend.

I heard people yesterday complaining about how it wasn't groomed.

It was posted on their website and all over the mountain.

It does make a blue seem like a black to alot of people though.
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I will have the kooky looking Giro Bad Leiutenant helmet (black) on (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...055275-0183844)

That is the best way to recognize me. My wife will be skiing on Dynastar Exclusive Carves. I don't know what I will rent; hopefully, B1's if it's slushy.

We'll be staying at the pet friendly Chapman Inn. Room 1. 877-359-1498 if you want to leave a message saying if you want to meet up on Sunday for lunch and a run.

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Just called Jack Frost (that owner is the BEST!). He's going to try to mount some Legend 4800's for demo for me. Otherwise I am stuck with whatever last year's rentals were (Blizzard most likely). Though he has the Elan S10, which I'd like to check out. No Rossi (I should have remembered that). He sold my wife her Exclusive Carve's and Lange's last year. I only have very, very positive things to say about that guy.
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Jack Frost owner's name is Fred Cowan. He is a great guy. I try to buy from him whenever I can. They are just getting going for the year, but they are open. The other rental/demo shops on the access road aren't opening until 11/20/04. ChrisSports (at SouthRidge Base Lodge) Might be open, but is overpriced. Stick with Fred. You are better off. I have to work this weekend otherwise I would def be there. I'm shooting for next weekend.
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