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Beaver Creek Dec. 11-17

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Anyone going up there that week?
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Our Pass gives us 10 days out there. We can try to meet up on the 12th.
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Would love to ski Beaver Creek but I will be Heli-Skiing in BC!!
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Originally Posted by Tsavo
Would love to ski Beaver Creek but I will be Heli-Skiing in BC!!
Poor, poor girl! Probably skiing like a girl there, too, won't you?
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I can

I'll be out there that week with my Son and later in the week also with my brother.

We have no confirmed plans so can do just about anything in the vicinity.

Beaver Creak is definately on our list of places we are going to hit. We were thinking saturday as it has less crowds. (the 18th)

My brother has this big nostalgic desire to go back to where he started (Breckenridge) and ski the blues there (now that he can do blues).

But the early part of the week when I'm there with my son, Beaver Creek would definately be doable. We are driving out, so any day Sunday thru Wednesday would work.
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Dec 15,16, or 17

I'll be getting home from the ETU late the night of the 14th, so PM me if you might be skiing either Vail or BC on the 15th, 16th, or 17th. If my schedule isn't full, I'd be happy to show you around the Beav (or Vail) a bit.

While in Vt, I will have connection to EpicSki... (thank gosh for laptops!)

Hope to get to ski with you!

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Right now, Sunday the 12th looks best. Anybody around for then? Can only ski 1/2 day though? I was hoping someone else would be at Technique week as well.
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