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edges, when is sharp TOO sharp?

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I have always found the sharper the better especialy when its icey. Never heard of too sharp. Try them out on the slopes and see what you think, look for ice and crank a turn on the ice see how they hold. I would be against my beliefs to detune my skis.

edit: Just checked your profile it shows you have Atomic 9.18 beta carves they should have a 1 degree base and 3 degree side if your talking about those skis.

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I would say they're too sharp. Mine defintly aren't that sharp and they handle ice very well. In my book too sharp is when you're afraid of what might happen if you fall on one of those edges. One of my clumsier friends fell on his edge and sliced his leg open and ended up with stitches.
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You can stone or diamond stone them, but at the same angles as you used on the Swix tool. The edges are probably not "too sharp" but "rough". There might also be a slight burr, (as in a metal wood scraper) that will give a nice cut but might catch when skied.
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This is what I do based on advice from the Race Place: Deburr the edges by taking a gummi stone and make one pass LIGHTLY down each edge at a 45 degree angle to the edge. You don't want to detune the ski. That should leave them sharp and your fingers intact. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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IMHO...you can never have them too sharp.....if you are skiing a lot of ice....if powder....you don't need much of an edge at all......If I am thinking of the corret tool....you can change the small file in and out of it....you might try slidding a red diamond stone in there if it will fit.....lightly go over the edges...this will take of the burrs....at the same angle as the file cut.....the gummy stone suggestion is also a good quick fix.....if you want to get fancy.....run the edge over a buffer wheel...this will polish it up nicely.....have fun slicing it!!!
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Originally posted by John J:
The edges are probably not "too sharp" but "rough".
Now that your edges are sharp, you need a clean egde. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, use a diamond or gummi stone. When sharp, your edges should not draw blood, but should shave a fingernail with ease.

An inexpensive finishing touch is a piece of oak - when your done with the stone - try running a piece of oak down the edge. The oak will smooth or polish the edge without dulling the edge.

Good luck [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I tried it with a gummi stone making a pass barely running over the edges at 45 degrees and that definatly seemed to smooth it out, still very sharp though but it feels like its smoother when I run my finger along it it cautiously. We have had a few warm days and now its cold again, so I should definalty be able to find some ice to try them on this friday.

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edges, when is sharp TOO sharp?

I just bought the swix exactor edge sharpener and immediatly took it down to the shop to try on a pair of old skis I had lying around. I did the base at 1o and the side at 89o and was really impressed by the simplicity adn uniformity of the tool. Anyways, while carrying the skis back up the satiars, I actually sliced my thumb on an edge and after inspecting the skis, found that all the edges were knife sharp. I have always sought out a sharper way to tune my skis but these things scare the crap out of me. I've had falls with skis much less sharp than these that sliced the inside of my ski pants down to my base layer. Is this alright, or should I run a stone lightly across the edges for a light de-tune, or are there other remedies?

Thanx in advance,

EDIT: forgot to add the question mark the first time

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I don't think there is such a thing a too sharp. The Xactor is a great tool. try using a DMT "Blue" diamond stone instead of using a file. our family keeps our skis knife sharp easily with that tool. you can keep the edges polished and sharp very quickly. there is no need to take off too much edge.

I've never heard of the using the bevel combination you used. Tognar Toolworks is a great site for additional tools, information and links.

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You should always wear gloves when handling your skis on the way to hill! Leave 'em sharp, but definetly deburr them
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Deburr them with a gummi stone, xfine diamond stone, or 400 to 600 grit sandpaper held parallel to the planes that you sharpened them at, not at 45 degrees, so you don't round the edge off. Of course, the gummi stone, by its nature, doesn't need to be held as precisely, and is easiest to use. You can probably get away with just doing the base side if you finished filing on the edge side, since the burr will form at 90 degrees to the base. Or vice-versa. Then remember to never ski in shorts, or sooner or later you could find out, as I did long ago, that edges slice flesh very well. :

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